2017 Sintax77 YouTube Channel Update

A quick discussion of what’s to come on the Sintax77 channel as we begin the new year. 

First things first, some winter backpacking trips are in order! I’m still in the planning phase, but I should be doing two or more this season. Actually, we’ll dive a little deeper into that on the next video, so stay tuned!

Also discussed are some travelling & hiking trips that I’ve already completed slashed filmed, that will be released in the near future. Oh, yeah and I got another spiffy new backpack, but enough of this reading stuff – it’s all in the video!

3 thoughts on “2017 Sintax77 YouTube Channel Update

  1. You should plan a winter trip to northern Maine. I would recommend The Bigelows. It maybe tough to do your loop you like but worth a spot that is great

  2. I still say that you should look into Shawnee State Forest. It’s called the Smokies of Ohio. Brutal terrain, but, admittedly, some vistas. It’s more about the terrain in my opinion.
    It’s actually a part of several trail systems: the North Country Trail, Ohio’s Buckeye Trail, which circuits Ohio, and I just found out this past October, America’s Discovery Trail. There are water cisterns there, but I’m unsure if they work in winter.
    Regardless, I’m looking forward to your new adventures. Best to you.

  3. If you have the time for an extended travel try the upper Peninsula of Michigan. Great scenery and plenty of snow for a winter trip

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