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When my friend invited me on a backpacking trip for the first time back in 2011, I decided to document my foray into the world of backpacking and hiking on YouTube. Little did I know, backpacking and video production would become an obsession, and along with it, a group of supportive subscribers would encourage me to continue the journey.

My primary interest is all things backpacking, with an emphasis on great views, unique terrain and challenging mileage. Lately, I’ve begun to work on developing an ultralight backpacking system and weight conscious mentality. My main stomping grounds are along the east coast, mainly up and down the Appalachian mountain chain, from Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains, through the Shenandoahs, Pennsylvania, New York’s Catskills, Vermont’s Green Mountains, and my personal favorite, the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

I enjoy backpacking throughout the four seasons, including snowshoeing in New England and winter overnighters.

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  1. Great videos and trips. Would you be so kind to discuss the camera, tripod and editing software you are using. I would like to record my backpacking trips in similar fashion and possibly post on you tube. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Hugo,

      My primary camera is a Samsung H300 recording in 1080i. I also have a Flip Mino HD recording in 720p. I carry this on backpacking trips as an emergency backup now days, because it’s small and simple, but my earlier hiking vids were made completely using the Flip. I also use it at home when a multi-cam shot is needed, but mostly I just film on the Samsung and piece all the footage together in post-production.

      The only tripod I use on the trail is a small (maybe 6 inch) Joby GorillaPod. It’s a flexible tri-pod that’s great for being attached to stuff – tree limbs, etc. I use it mostly when at camp, or on trail breaks when I need my hands free for something while filming. When on the move, I almost always just go handheld with the Samsung, alternating between POV and pointing at myself. For videos filmed at home, I also have a full 72″ tripod that I got online for like $35 or something, nothing too fancy.

      For editing I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, and it accounts for probably 90% of my workflow. It’s the one program i can’t live without – a full fledged NLE that absolutely rocks, but it’s not exactly cheap. I do this as a hobby and enjoy learning and experimenting with the platform, but it’s way overkill for the majority of home video makers and YouTubers. Luckily, they made a version pared down to just the tools that most amateur editors need, at a much more attractive price. It’s called Adobe Premiere Elements. My dad uses it to create videos on his channel and he’s very happy with it, so it would definitely get my recommendation as a lighter version.

      Some supplemental programs I use are – FL Studio 10 for all music and sound effects, Adobe Photoshop for YouTube thumbnails and occasional still shot effects needed in Premiere, Adobe Audition for cleaning up audio every once in a while, and Adobe AfterEffects for occasional post-production tweaks or SFX (i.e. the gun smoke in the Sara vs Zombie Fridge video).

      I run all of this on top of an Intel i7, Windows 7 based system with an NVidia video card and 4 hard drive set-up, to spread out the workload for HD video rendering.

      All that being said, all you *really* need for a good YouTube video is: Creativity, good content, any HD camcorder, a $50 video editor, and a laptop made in the last couple years.

      Good luck and Have Fun!

        • It’s a RavPower 7800mAh camping lantern / USB charger. It takes a bit to fully charge up, but it provides a ton of power and the lantern barely draws any juice so it’s fine to use the light without worrying about having power left for your gear. I tested the light on a full charge and it ran for 3 solid days. Pretty solid.

      • Hey syntax. I just ordered a new hammock and I want to add some lightweight zipper pulls and such! What do you this I should use? Zingit? But is there a lighter option or any that come in more colors? Please let me know!

    • Love your hiking videos. You should check out Mount Rogers in Grayson Highlands State Park down in Virginia. It has the highest elevation in Virginia, has tons of awesome views along the AT, and wild ponies that come right up to you.

    • hey sintax,
      i was wondering what you did for a job since you always mention how you got off work and drove to the trail head. great videos by the way. ive been watching since the begging. i was your 32nd subscriber or something like that. somewhere in the 30s.

      • Wow, subscriber 32 – Thanks for hanging in there! I work in the exciting world of accounting and analysis. A lot of times, I’m able to come in and do an early shift from say 7 to 3pm, which allows me to get on the road a bit ahead of rush hour for my backpacking trips. Of course, when the drive is 8 to 10 hours, you’re gonna hit rush hour somewhere, but it helps.

        • I’d been curious about what you did for a living but I would have bet you were in I.T πŸ™‚

          I’ve really been enjoying your videos, thanks for taking the time to share!

    • Hey, Syntax77, I’m a police officer from London, Ky. You may have came down I-75 and passed by London, when you done the Smokey Mountain Hike. I’m a shame to say my longest hike thus far was only 15 miles. Fantastic videos, just wondering if you ever thought about hiking out west, like the zion narrows. I have done some overnight motorcycle camping as well, I’m always up for adventure, I’m still learning on packing light & what food to bring for longer trips. I have always wanted to do some extreme motorcycle camping trips and the Trans America Trail, which is basically what your doing, except on a motorcycle. Work always gets in the way though. Great work..!

      • Thanks, man. I haven’t had a chance to get out West yet, but the wife and I really want to check out Zion, Canyonlands etc one of these days. In fact Utah is actually one of the places out west that we’ve had serious talks about flying out to some time. It seems like a really unique place, almost alien compared to what we have here out east. Have you been out there before? Seems like there’s still some decent driving to do once you land, no matter where you fly into, right?

        Motorcycle camping sounds pretty cool, by the way. I like roadtrips just as much as hiking, so it seems like it must be a great combination of both!

        • I have not had the opportunity to make it out west, Driving to Utah looks to be 24 hours each way, I like adventure, but afraid to fly commercial, I have flown in small planes doing prisoner transport (I know doesn’t make sense). I’m actually inspired again to gear up for a small camping trip this weekend, probably solo, after watching so many of your videos. I’m debating on buying a Hammock, seems to be the thing now.
          By the way, I have done some home video editing of my kids riding dirt bikes, so I know how much work you put into the videos to get the great results you get, I use CyberLink Power Director 11. Here is a short clip of my son, My wife didn’t approve of the content. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11669235/Produce_1.wmv

          By the way my kid watched some of your videos and said, “Hey he is like a REAL life Bear Grylis, without a camera crew and he has to drive himself in and out and get back to work the next day”
          I was like, what about me ?

        • Good videos. I just binge watched almost everything. I’m a casual backpacker, but I’m trying a hammock system for the first time this weekend. We’ll see how it works. I was looking for a place to ask you to review your Ribz packs when I came across the comments on Zions, Canyonlands, etc. I live about an hour south of Salt Lake City. My first hikes were down in those parks back in the 80’s.

          For Zions, you could fly into Vegas and drive over (2.5 hours). For the rest, you can fly into salt lake and drive over and down (4 hours). I don’t (so can’t) do your kind of mileage or I’d offer to ge with you. I’m kind of curious to see how you hang a hammock from sand stone. Just kidding.


          • Thanks, Mike. This is great info, as I really hope to do something like that some day, most like with my wife and our friends Mike and Danielle. You bring up a good point though, we’ll probably have to break out the ol’ tent again if we head out that way. Mike has a Nemo 3p tent that we’ve managed to fit the four of us into on several trips in the past, so we may just split that up between us.

            Is there a particular time of year that you would recommend for visiting either Zion or Canyonlands? Speaking of which is there any obvious advantage for one over the other, other than travel time? Sorry for all the questions, you got me hyped up over here, haha.

    • I just watched a bunch of your videos. I a pro photographer just moved to Conway nh from DC and if your coming back up in the spring let me know. I would love to have some one to meet up with for some good hikes.

  2. Syntax: Thanks for the kind reply. After watching your videos I ended up purchasing a Canon Vixia HF R400 and am getting acquainted with it. So far I’m happy with the performance for the price. I’m surprised that the shots in which you are in the frame while hiking are handheld. I thought you were using a Stik-Pic with the trekking pole. The filming is very stable. I’ve got a knock-off of the Gorilla Pod but have yet to play much with it. I’m looking at getting the Adobe Premiere Elements 11 as you suggested since I’m not doing anything fancy at this time. Although I’ve yet to take the camera hiking I’m interested in doing something similar to what you are in your channel. You do an excellent job in taking the viewer along on the trip and the narration is always fun and interesting. Although it doesn’t take much to get me out in the woods on a multi-day hike I must admit that watching your channel gets the hiking juices flowing for me. Your friend Mike complements you really well. It is great to have good friends that you can share the “back-packing insanity” with. The product reviews are excellent and you do not waste people’s time babbling about nonsense but get to the point on what is important to regarding application once you are in the woods. Thanks again for the reply and keep the videos coming. Hugo

    • We set up camp above the eastern entrance to Sideling Hill Tunnel (behind the wall on the left side when you’re facing the tunnel – coming from the area where the old rest area used to be). I’ve gotten some feedback that the fire pit we built is still there, so you should be able to find it if you visit yourself. We chose this spot because it’s the area that they filmed the creepy “pickup truck scene” in the film ‘The Road’.

  3. Hey Sintax, Im heading up to the Whites tomorrow morning.I found your videos on youtube while doing some research.i enjoyed your vids,found them to be both informative and entertaining.I also live in the Philly area on the Jersey side.

  4. In your travels I would assume there is the possibility of encountering some sort of dangerous animal or something. In the turnpike video you and mike had protection but that is not listed in the contents list on your other trips. Dose that mean the only protection you have normally is your knife ? Secondly ,Loved the turnpike video best because I am a little disabled and cant walk long distances but could see myself doing that trip on bike. That would be so cool..

    • I’ve gotten a license / permit to carry concealed in most states since making that vid, so while you might no see it as much anymore, I carry on all my hiking trips when legally able to do so (translation: everywhere except the Catskills in New York). For day-to-day carry I lean towards a Keltec 380, but for the wilderness I prefer a .40 subcompact (Taurus 740 Slim).

      As far as doing the Abandoned Turnpike via bike, I say go for it! A lot of people really enjoy that and you could make a single day trip out of it without hauling all the gear.

        • I just bought this try and solve a similar problem: Ribz Front Pack I haven’t used it in the field yet, but have tried it out around home and it feels good when worn alone or with a backpack. I plan to use it for both my carry piece as well as camera gear, snacks etc. A lot of good feedback out there about using these to transfer some of the load from your backpack, while keeping important items accessible.

          • I’ve been using a Ribz Front Pack for two years now and it really comes in handy. The funny thing is I have been checking out your videos for about a year now and was thinking about contacting you and asking if You’ve given any thought to the Ribz pack. Hope you enjoy it and cant wait to see it in one of your youtube videos.

            I do a ton of hiking out at LBL in KY with hundreds of miles of trails and history. You guys should give it some thought to look at LBL for a future trip. A lot of my hiking gear is from my time in the military so not exactly what you would call light weight, but will last a life time.

          • Yeah, I’m not sure how / why I went so long without try one out, but it’s definitely proving to be a great addition. I just took it on a three day trip in New Hampshire though a decent amount of hail and rain actually.

            I hadn’t heard of the LBL before, butI’m just starting to research it now, based on your posts. I’m always looking for new areas, so the tip is much appreciated!

  5. Thank you very much for your reply , Love your videos,I see you and mike are married , do your wives and kids if you have any share your interest in hiking?

    • No kids for me, but Mike has a son that he occasionally drags out into the woods. In fact, he actually came along for our backpacking video in Shenandoah National Park last year:

      The terrain and elevation changes weren’t too aggressive, so we were able to put in some decent mileage. He did really well, considering he had to put up with Mike and I! πŸ˜‰

  6. I like your videos, especially the ones where you are out in the woods hiking. They bring back some wild memories. When I was a teenager I use to go hiking all the time in the Catskills and Bear Mountain in upstate NY. We had some real adventures. We didn’t take into account the danger factor and we often got ourselves in trouble such as getting lost or running out of water. We’d always hope to find a spring or stream. We always brought enough alcohol which of course added to the risk factor. One time we ran out of water and the stream we would normally have filled our canteens with was dry. We must have hiked 12 straight hours partially in the dark to get back to civilization. My feet had some serious blisters. Another time we went off the trail and ended up having to bushwhack it for 4 hours through a swamp. Another time my friend started sliding down a slick rock and the only thing that saved him from a 30 foot drop was a thin tree about 3 feet tall he was able to grab growing from a crack in the rock. Yep, we were morons.

  7. Great videos 77. I have not seen any newer videos of your Pt740; how have you progressed with it? I also have a Pt740, but mines is equipped with the Garrison “pinky” extension i have found that it helps out a lot with the control.

    • My PT740 is still going strong, and continues to be a reliable carry piece. My only issue is finding a decent cc holster that can accommodate the CrimsonTrace laser attachment I put on there when I first got it. I recently, and reluctantly, had to take it off in order to carry it properly in my IWB holster. On the upside, taking the laser off allowed me to put on a small Hogue grip that add a bit of extra comfort and form while shooting.

      I’ve looked at the pinky extenders but never tried it. I bet it makes a pretty decent difference in terms of putting rounds on target though. I’ve found that pinky placement is an important but often overlooked factor on these smaller guns. I’m not sure if you use it as a carry piece or not, but I’ve often wondered how it affects printing? I find that the but of the gun is often the most likely area to print for the way I carry.

      • Hey 77 I currently do not have a CCW permit so my weapon is always open, but it has been a few occasions where my shirt would fall over the weapon. The pinky extension would not pose a problem in an outside the waistband holster, so I cannot see it being a problem with an IWB holster.

  8. Love your hiking videos. You should check out Mount Rogers in Grayson Highlands State Park down in Virginia. It has the highest elevation in Virginia, has tons of awesome views along the AT, and wild ponies that come right up to you.

  9. Hi Sintax i love the vids! Especially hunting! I love hunting and i was wondering when you were gonna post this years hunting season vid! Thanks!

  10. Hi Sintax! Im Sara Blai and I live in cookeville Tn. I have watched all your videos and now have got all my friends checking them out. We are wanting to backpack the Smokys but not sure where to start. Its going to be all girls on this trip and im the only one with a bit of experience. Can you give us some advice one a 3 day loop trip? =]

    • Hi Sara,

      Congrats on convincing your friends to get out there with you. I actually posed this same question to my subscribers in the video linked below. The comments section has some really good ideas and conversation that I found quite helpful, so hopefully you’ll get something out of it too. In my case, I ended up doing a higher mileage solo trip that probably wouldn’t be ideal for your friends, but I almost took a trip there with my wife and friends and was in a similar situation as yourself.

      For that trip, I was leaning towards parking and starting out at one of the trailheads near Fontana Damn and doing a shorter route up to Gregory Bald for the first night and then on to one of the Appalachian Trail shelters for the second night. This would give a decent amount of hiking without going overboard, and deliver some stellar views and open scenic areas.


      • Hi

        Just watched your video on the GSMNP 3 day 57 miles at the end of road to Nowhere. Well done. I volunteer on the trails in the park. As a matter of fact this year I will be taking on part of the loop area where you were. I wish I could have told you this earlier to save you some backtracking. Good info for when you come back. Remember this, where there are trail which also allow horses and you see a sign indicating No Horse allowed, like in your video, I have found in most cases you are headed down a trail to a cemetery. As you can imagine, horses could really damage the area. Lots of cemeteries in that neck of the woods due to the history that is there. Sorry could not help you then but now you know. This holds true in other parts of the park too. Again , great video

        Bear Pile

        • Hey Sintax77, I think that I have watched nearly all your videos now some several times. I’m planning a trip to Fontana Dam where you did the 3 days 57 miles. It’s only about 4 hours from my house. I want be doing your mileage per day but I really enjoyed the video.Thanks for sharing all the gear info and taking the time to explain each of your chooses why you bought them or made them. It really helps when your shopping for new gear. And maybe I missed it but how did you get the name sintax77 ?

    • Thanks, Axl. That was probably Mike’s dog, Jasmine. Unfortunately, she had a couple hip surgeries and the mountains would have been a bit too much for her.

  11. Hi Syntax, I came across your videos this past week and enjoy watching.
    It inspires me to get out and backpack. I could make to critiques to things you do backpacking but im sure you have already heard them.
    Other than that please keep making the videos and posting. Theyre great and well done!! thanks Again,

  12. You are very informative and entertaining at the same time – Thanks for explaining how you do things – I’m learning how to be a more efficient backpacker.
    I live in Franklin Pa. and can relate to the areas you hike.

  13. Just want to add some backpacking eticate… Guns are actually not suppose to be carried. I know the AT does frown on guns on hikers.
    Also cutting standing tree’s, use whats fallen and leave others standing.
    Water is a resource all have to use, don’t pollute it.
    .. I know there are other things I was taught when I started 20 years ago.
    I just wanted to make those comments, I have to say you make great hiking videos, entertaining thanks,

    • You can carry a gun on the AT as long as you are legally permitted to carry in that state and forrest. (If the forrest itself doesnt have any restrictions but most of that has changed also in favor of guns). You say that you were taught 20 years ago I suggest you get a refresher. Times have changed since then.

  14. Greetings Sintax,
    My lovely wife and I have recently relocated to western Maine after living in the flatlands of N.E. Ohio for the last 22 years. I must say that we really enjoy your well made and informative “hikeumentaries”. While we have always loved hiking, cycling, canoeing, shooting, and all things out doors, it has really taken on a new dimension since we took up residence on the side of our little 2,068 foot mountain. We have moose and black bears up here like most folks have squirrels. Welcome to bushwhacker heaven!

    I was wondering, while hopefully minding my own business, what sort of work do you
    do? I’m always amazed that you drive so far for so long, sleep in your car, then hike like a boss, enjoy a well deserved cheeseburger, then drive all the way home, get up and go to work. Yikes! It makes me tired just thinking about it. I am fortunate in that my job as a music teacher enables me to enjoy God’s great green creation all summer long with some nice winter breaks thrown in just for yucks. Just curious.

    Anyhoo, thanks again for letting us come along with you on your adventures. But I must go now. My other hero, Les Stroud is about to make a fire with a clothes pin and a tube sock and I don’t have TiVo.

    Don’t poke your eye out young man.

    Scott and Ilse

    • Hi Scott,

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos, that’s nice to hear. But more importantly, congratulations on making the move to Maine! That sounds really awesome. Maybe I’ll make the move up north some day too, but for now, at least I’m kind of centrally located between the southern and northern Appalachians. Of course, the downside is, there aren’t any mountains to day hike at a moment’s notice near my home. My closest option is the Appalachian Trail sections in Southeastern PA. Speaking of which, my day job is pretty polarized to my outdoor interests. I work in the exciting world of accounting. All that time at a desk makes me pretty eager to get out an go hard when I get the chance! My prior line of work was food service, so I used to at least get some decent miles in during the day (even if they were in circles). Now days I have to make sure to get some laps around the building throughout the day, so I my legs don’t fall off on the next adventure, lol.

      Thanks again for the kind words, and have fun up there in New England!

  15. Hey Sintax,

    I stumbled across your very awesome and excellent YouTube channel recently when I decided that I wanted to start fulfilling some of my lifelong dreams of hiking and backpacking again. I grew up with a older brother who was trail and outdoor obsessed, and through many teenage adventures was able to do some serious hiking in Montana and Colorado (where he now lives). For fifteen years I let my old life as a professional musician get in the way of experiencing the gem of life, which in my opinion is the great outdoors and getting away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Now in my early thirties and newly married to my beautiful wife Olivia, I have the decided to rededicate myself to hitting the trails way more often! We currently live in the Lehigh Valley of PA, so I thought it was very cool that you are close and have hiked some of the same sections of the AT that I did last summer. I just wanted to thank you for posting some many cool and informative videos! The tin can stove idea, the backpacking food vid, the “lightweight/show whats in your pack vid, and just about all your hiking vids. But i guess the main fact is that since you are so close to where I live, your videos hit home as to say that I can do this too! My wife loved the videos with Sarah because it showed her that it can be a very cool couples retreat! I also really love the fact that you are so humble with your opinions Please keep making videos and know that your have a lot of supporters out there that need the info when planning there own dream get aways. We plan on doing some AT and White Mountains this summer!

    Brian and Olivia

    • Well, I would say you’re definitely living the dream! With the Appalachian Trail practically in your back yard, you’ve got a great resource of day hikes to get you pumped up for a nice White Mountains trip πŸ™‚ I’ll have to pass along to my wife that some one appreciates her hybrid style of hiker-retreating as well. We actually just stayed at a little family owned inn in New Hampshire a couple weeks ago on the way back from Canada and did a winter day hike in Franconia Notch the morning after.

      That’s awesome that you’ve got experience in Colorado & Montana – I can only hope to get out there some time too. Let me know if you ever need some trip ideas for the White Mountians. I may not get up there as much as I’d like too, but I’ve probably logged a couple thousand hours researching routes and trailheads, lol.

      • thanks man, i have been planning out some trips … all super lightweight! might have some questions about that as well. If you have the trail map of your first video in the white mountains with mike and sarah (davis path to rocky branch) that would be awesome

  16. Hey Sintax, your videos have been of great help as I move into more serious hiking/backpacking adventures. I just bought the Sawyer Mini water filter based on your review and look forward to a first backpacking trip next weekend. Great stuff dude, keep it up!

  17. Sintax,
    just want to say I loved your videos. I live on Long Island but New Hampshire has been my favorite place since I first visited my grandmothers cabin in Southern NH back in 1969. I go up 4-6 times a year. I ride my motorcycle all through the white mountains twice a year and I ride the single tracks and rail trails on my mountain bike every year for the last 10 years. I have never had the guts to try hiking alone in the winter, but your video of your Mount Eisenhower in winter hike was so great I just might give it a shot now.. Last night I watched the White Mountain hike, the Catskill hike and the Vermont hike. Loved em all. Great job!
    Really looking forward to more of your videos. Maybe i’ll see you on one of the trails up there this year.

  18. Love your channel!
    Question for you… I notice you hike and camp alone often – any tips for staying the night out alone? I am a pretty tough-minded guy and get out often but usually feel uneasy in the middle of the night alone in the woods. I do carry a small 9mm typically but would like to find a mental place where I wasn’t dreading the night alone – any tips? I don’t really have any friends locally who are as in to hiking as I am so this is something I need to deal with.
    Keep the great vids coming!

    • I’m not exactly the bravest guy in the world, so I often look back and wonder how I decided to give it a go those first couple times. For me personally, I found that I was so wrapped up in the overall planning and logistics that I never really had a chance to work myself up about it too much. That being said, each subsequent trip has been more and more comfortable, so some of it is just pushing through that first experience. My advice would be to pick a trip that’s inspiring and exciting enough (not necessarily overly strenuous or dangerous, but mentally inspiring) that you’re somewhat distracted from any off-putting thoughts, etc. On my first solo, I was so involved with making sure that I got where I needed to be, getting camp set up (a completely new experience if you’re used to having a partner to divvy up chores!), and looking forward to the next day, that I barely had the ability to think about it much. I think I passed out before I got a chance! On the flip side, I think that if I did something simpler, with minimal mileage & memories, I would have spent more time bugging out about what I was actually doing.

      So my final thoughts – do something safe and within your abilities, but try to plan a first solo trip that’s really cool and excites you. You’ll be surprised what you pulled off afterwards, I know I did. I still think of that first solo trip all the time.

  19. I have the same question as Ryan. I have a long backpacking history and experience. I have gone as light weight as I feel comfortable with. Like you I have said many times one still needs to be comfortable and warm in camp, so I have gone as light as I am going. I do like testing new or different gear with each trip.
    I normal go with a small group. I would love to go solo like you have. My hold up is safety and security concerns. What would happens if I was injured or sick?. And safety is an issue. I have come across some pretty strange/rough people. I too carry a weapon. However I would not be a match for several men with long guns, which I have seen. How do you get past the mental block of falling and breaking something?
    Thank you for all you yutube. I love watching them and always learn something.

    • Hi Tom,

      I just posted a reply to Ryan that may provide some insight. In response to injuries specifically, I definitely take being solo vs group into consideration when picking trip locals and situations, but for the most part, I’ve just accepted that I have to be more careful and ultimately, there is going to be an extra element of risk. I still think the drive to and from the trailhead from home is probably more likely to hurt me though, so it all depends on how you look at it I guess.

      That being said, I always e-mail a detailed copy of my trip itinerary and expected route(s) to my wife prior to leaving, along with a latest expected time to be out of the woods and back in contact with her. If she doesn’t hear from me by the designated time frame, she has all the necessary info to forward to the proper channels. Thankfully, that’s never been needed, but it helps both of us sleep better.

      Another option is to carry a Spot or similar GPS emergency distress signal device. I also always leave a bit of juice in my cell phone. If it gets to around 15%, I completely retire it and consider it dead other than emergency use, if cell service is available.

      • Hey Sintax, with regrds to your cell phone battery or gps dying; have you checked out the Mophie powerstations. It is a wireless battery charger for USB equipped devices.

        • I haven’t tried one of them yet, but I have been experimenting with a RAVPower 1040mah unit for a couple trips now and it’s been working really well so far. Much more reliable than my older solar chargers.

  20. Sintax77, I just want to tell you that I am finding your video journeys very informative and enjoyable. At nearly seventy my multi-day hikes are mostly a thing of the past, but day hikes are still weekly affairs. Your efforts take me to places that I would otherwise never see. If you ever have the chance to visit the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, you must hike the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. You won’t be alone, but the trails are incredibly beautiful. The North Country Trail passes through the park. You should also visit the Porcupine Mountains State Park for more great trails in a very wild setting. Thank you for sharing your treks.

    • Finally got one! I used it on a recent winter trip to the Pemigewasset Wilderness in New Hampshire, which came in really handy, because we had some snow and insane wind conditions on a couple of summits that I wouldn’t have even attempted to film with my usual camera. Should make for a fun video. Hoping to post it within the next week or so…

  21. Great videos! I learn something every time I watch one. I live about 30 minutes from Mammoth Cave NP, and one of our favorite places is GSMNP. The Road to Nowhere and Tail of the Dragon are really something. Used to work and go to college not too farm from the Red River Gorge. One of these days, I hope to make it over there for a few days.

  22. Gotta start off by saying I love the videos. Have definitely made me rethink and upgrade some of my gear. Your videos convinced me to pick up the sawyer mini in place of my msr mini works. Got the chance to use it at red river gorge and must say I love it. Also have my new hennessey hammock expedition asym zip being delivered today and can’t wait to try it out. Wish you had a hammock setup video. Thanks for the great tips and can’t wait for more videos.

  23. lnt.org leave no trace website…..awesome info! also check into Philmont Scout Ranch through scouting.org….philmontscoutranch.org

  24. I recently started watching your videos and I love them all. I don’t hike as much as I’d like to, but I’m really going to try to get back into it this year. I was just wondering if you were ever planning on returning to Kentucky. It is my home state and we have a plethora of great hiking trails. Your Red River Gorge video was by far my favorite. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks, Josh. Glad to hear you enjoyed the Red Rive Gorge video. I would love to return to Kentucky some day and certainly plan to do so, just not sure when. It’s beautiful state. The drive home through Kentucky was a really fun and great experience in itself.

  25. I recently found your YouTube channel and am so glad I did.
    I recently broke my ankle at work and can not hike at the moment. Videos are helping fill the nonhikeable time. Thanks and keep on walking.

  26. I really enjoy all your videos also. I especially like the White Mountain trips since I live in Maine and enjoy going there as well. I’m wondering what mapping software you use and what brand and model gps do you use. I’m really into the mapping and gps part of planning trips. To me that’s almost as much fun.

    • Until recently, I was borrowing my friend’s DeLorme PN-60 along with using the included Topo 9 software to print out custom maps, but I actually just bought my own GPS last week or so. I’ve been holding out for a Garmin for a while, and went with the Garmin Oregon 650, along with their Base Camp map software. I’m pretty excited about using it on some upcoming trips, so I hope to learn more about it and do some videos on it along the way.

  27. Like your vids buddy I am a hillbilly backpacker do a few trailed mostly bushwack like blazing my own trailed but can end up in some tight places like having to repaile to keep going I had you figgerd as a bodyguard or bouncer not a accounted lol just picking bud you seam like a solid dude you need to hook up sometime will beat the brush see some cool stuff keep it up bud yea a cool very cool you hunt keep it alive man it’s dyeing out bro look me up bud would love to show you some cool stuff keep up good work bro

  28. I really love watching your videos and want to start backpacking my self but all the places around here have like tv camping and not any primitive camping and hiking. Do you know any good backpacking spots around Louisville Kentucky?

    • You’ve definitely got some options for good backpacking in your general area. This video I did in Red River Gorge is within about a 2 hour drive or so, depending on where you’re at in Louisville. It’s an awesome area, you should check it out.

      If you’re willing to do a longer distance, you could hit Smokey Mountain National Park within 5 or 6 hours.

  29. I really love your channel and all your videos and want to get in backpacking myself but do to the fact that I am 15 and do not have a job I don’t have much gear. What things would you consider first priority to have.

  30. Sintex what you and mike seen was a fox thay do bark I have had them fallow me sometimes just a few feet behind me had one red fox fallow me several miles when I would stop it would stop and bark it even spent the night just a few feet from my hammock there very inquisitive just thought you might like herring that lol

    • That’s pretty cool man, sounds like a fox was the mystery guest after all. I think we were spoiling his dinner time hunting grounds!

  31. Great videos! I can’t believe you hit rain in the White Mts. with as cold as it’s been. I’m sure the milder temps were appreciated but that wind was amazing. I’m in Atlanta, GA and do a lot of trips to the Great Smokey Mts. – sat in the same chair you did at High Rocks soon after you were there. I’ve gotten interested in searching for some of the plane crash sites described in the book “Mayday! Mayday!” If that would interest you let me know. Again, great site.

  32. Hay bud thanking about doing the GPS thing always been a compass and step counter kind of dude but if I do it I want to go full in so I don’t want the thing going dead we bouth no how batteries and col d temps don’t mix with that being said what are your downfalls with the solar chargers seen a lot of reviews on them some real good some not so much looking forward to your comments thanks bud

  33. “Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains??” As a proud North Carolinian I must object. Your entire Smokies video was in the NC side of the park! Seriously though, your channel’s awesome. I actually used the road to nowhere as a starting point for a trip last month but headed in the opposite direction. Definitely a cool bit of history and a unique place to start that I probably wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Keep it up!

  34. Just a quick comment from a guy from The Netherlands to say I really enjoy watching your movies. Over here camping is not allowed the way you do it, so watching this is a real eye opener. I have always told my girlfriend I would not enjoy camping, but seeing you and your hammock is making me start to change my mind πŸ™‚

    By the way, I enjoy long walks (would not call them hikes) if you want you can click on my name here to go to a website I made where I keep track of them. (That site is still a WIP and will become a public thing whenever I manage to finish it)

    • That’s pretty cool, I’m checking the site out now. Good to hear you might try some camping, you should go for it. P.S. You’re country may be a little up tight with the camping regs, but at least you produce some damn fine House music. Gotta thank you for that.

      • Hey, thanks for the reply man. I’m not too hot on dance music myself but I must say your own creations fit your videos quite nicely.

        In the mean time I have done some more work on my website. I wanted to try my hand at GPX parsing (and subsequent uploading of routes that way) and I figured, what best to test with than the data you so kindly provide on your website. So I have added some of your hikes using that data: http://www.mijnwandelingen.nl/wandelaar/57/

        I have also linked the hikes to the corresponding video on youtube so I can now see the route and your video on the same screen. Click on a hike to have that stuf show up.

        The data of some of the hikes may be incomplete by the looks of things, some error in my parser I think that needs fixing. But I thought it would still be cool to show you this. Hope you like it and if you don’t, just let me know I will remove your hikes from the database πŸ™‚

  35. Sintax – Enjoy the youtube vids. I think you’ve noted you’re from PA and was curious if you know anything about the Loyalsock trail. I’m in Jersey and thinking about doing the trail, but was curious about parking/shuttling at the trailhead. Thought perhaps you might might know. I’m looking to park on the Eastern trailhead (Rt 220) and get shuttled to the western end (Rt 87). Just curious if it’s safe to leave a car out there for 4-5 days.
    Appreciate any logistical advice/insight you might have. Info seems kinda scant online about this trail

    • Hi Tom. I don’t think I’m familiar with that particular trail, but I’ll have to check it out now. As far as leaving the car, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I’m sure there’s always a certain element of risk, but probably no worse than parking at an Eagles game πŸ™‚

  36. Sintax–Love the vids on YouTube. When mid-Winter cabin fever strikes I can always rely on you to have something new posted on a part of the country that I’ve never had the privilege of hiking in. Did my first trip of the year a couple of weeks ago on the Colorado Trail. At some point, you should drag Mike out west to try some hiking in the Rockies. I have no doubt that you would love it.

    Thanks again for the videos. They are appreciated.

  37. Sintax
    my GF and I enjoy watching your vids. I started watching them about a year ago along with Cragdwella,Pharroah and intense angler and it got me bit with the hiking and camping bug,
    took my gear out this last weekend in northern maine(still some snow on the trails) for a shakedown run. after following you and the youtubers mentioned above my first trip out had me at a base weight of 24 lbs and really none of the gear is expensive, the most costly piece was a kelty grand mesa tent. I use the cat can stove and coffee can cook pot you showed and love it.
    sadly northern maine where I live does not have many hiking trails that are long distance. but we have a great place called Nordic heritage center where they have 20 miles of mtn bike / hiking trails I use to get in shape.
    anyways thanks for the great vids and gear advice even for us old farts getting back into it.

    btw you and mike should consider a comedy routine you two can be hilarious.

    • Haha, I’ll let mike know about the comedy thing – always good to have career options to fall back on! Awesome to hear that your getting up and running with your backpacking setup. Maine is definitely one of my favorite places, so you’ve got a pretty cool base of operations there πŸ™‚

  38. Hey can you do a video on how to make alcohol stove and pot holder for it….I use a canister stove and wanna switch to alcohol but don’t know how to make one or the holder for pot

  39. Sintaxx – Love your videos. Learned a lot about hammocks and such! So thank you. I want to do a Fall trip to Dolly Sods. I would love to pick your brain a bit. First thing is what would be the optimal time to hit that hike? Late October? Early October? Also what is the water like? Is there water along the way? – Any suggestions??

    • We went in early October and the Fall Foliage was amazing, so I can highly recommend going around then. Do a little poking around online closer to Fall, as the peak foliage time can change from year to year, but early October in general is probably good. The other time I hear suggested often is to go in Spring when everything is in full bloom. I haven’t done it yet, but the pictures look amazing. Water was not a problem, by the way. There are some nice stream crossings every so often to provide water.

  40. Hi Sintax,
    Nice videos you have, learned a lot of them. Trying to do some filming myself (www.dayhiker.be). A little question, what do you do to stay in shape? Running, swimming, or just hiking?

    Greetz and hike the planet!


  41. Hi syntax,
    I live in north central maryland which puts me in the same area of the country as you since it appears that you are in delaware. Ive been an avid backpacker for years and have exhausted local venues in the area. Anything in delaware? Im not familiar with your state. All most all of my trips have been solo trips as its hard to find hiking partners. Are you aware of any local hiking groups or clubs? Any info would be much appreciated.

    • There honestly aren’t many spots to backpack in Delaware. It’s mostly flat and a majority of the woods are private land or state parks that don’t technically allow backcountry camping. I did find a backpacker mag article where they did an overnighter in all 50 states and I actually did attempt to do it. It was in Blackbird State Forest, in lower Delaware. I went in July on one the hotest days of the summer (over 100Β°) trying to find this lean-to shelter that was tucked back amongst the hunting trails. After 10 miles of hiking I still hadn’t found the damn thing and was sweating like crazy. Being so close to home and not really having any views (I had just done New Hampshire 2 weeks prior and was pretty spoiled), I actually threw in the towel and went home, lol. Anyways, here a link to the article if you want to give it a shot http://www.backpacker.com/august-2011-destinations-summer-adventure-atlas/destinations/15790

      Honestly though, you’re best bet is probably to hit some AT sections in Southeastern PA.

  42. Love the videos man…. Well done and very inspirational… Do you have any effective methods for keeping cool at night in a hammock in the very warm texas summer nights??? It regularly lows out around 88 in mid summer and i dont want to not go out… Thanks man

    • Oh, man, my experiences with nighttime temps like that are pretty limited. I dealt with a particularly uncomfortable night in Shenandoah one time that was super hot and humid at night, but that was in a tent. Come to think of it, I actually wish I was in a tent that night so I could at least have the extra airflow underneath and probably better ventilation. I can’t really suggest much, other than keeping the tarp pitched as high as possible for max airflow. I also feel like the bug-net traps in more heat than people may realize, but I can see how using a hammock with one may not be an option for you down in Texas.

      • Thanks for the reply man… My new mission in life is to reverse engineer cool weather hiking and prob break some cardinal rules (like wearing a cotton undershirt to actualy avoid wicking) and freezing a few water bottles frozen solid to keep a supply of cool water… I will let you know my results… Wish me luck… I am planning a trip to the lone star hiking trail in early sept. where the temp can still easily soar past 100 degrees…

  43. Hi Sintax.
    Message from Japan. I checked your YouTube. AWS great pictures. Your any videos makes me so excite and copy you I bought Osprey Hornet. I’ve been afraid of solo overnight camp,yep I was big coward but not chicken. This summer I’ll have a plan, I’ll go to solo overnight camp with mountain house food,it’s very expensive in Japan. This plan I hit upon from your YouTube. The trip is Japanese mountain not Mt.Fuji.I decided my plan but I still scare with solo night. I love horror film, Jason and Freddy is my friend from my guess. My wife said to me ” Why you are so scared? You should ask your teacher Sintax”,,,good idea. Sintax, have you ever been afraid of solo night situation?
    I’ll visit US this Oct. week6 regular season. I’m fan of Eagles.

    Always I felt bucked up by your any video. Thank you Sintax ,A-RI-GA-TO
    Aki Yamamoto from OSAKA JPN

  44. AKI – Solo Camping is awesome. Well any camping is awesome. Always remember. Your the biggest baddest thing out there. Especially when you have your machete in your hand. If you are not the biggest baddest thing standing there with your machete. You don’t need to camp there. LOL! πŸ™‚ SYOTT!

  45. Douglas L on May 31, 2014 at 8:55 am said:

    With all of your hiking trips you have some great maps of your planned routes printed out. Where do you get these from? I have looked at several trail map sites that will provide maps with trails but not nearly as detailed as the ones you have. What is your secret man?

    Also, loved your Adirondack video and glad you finally made it into our neck of the woods (pun intended). Sorry about the weather. I was actually there the following week and went up the MacIntyres from the other side (Marcy Dam). Hope you give it a try again when the weather is better. Wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t since having to use a bear canister kinda blows that whole light weight/ultralight thing out the window. Try to kid myself that since it is carrying food its really not part of my base weight but hard to do when you see how much space that thing takes up

    • Thank you Douglas.
      I plan Japanese Mt.Ohmine,it’s a no woman admitted. Long time ago women used to forbidden to climb this mountain. From my guess ascetic practice. It’s an exist only one Mt. In Japan. I’ll care your advise. Thank you.

  46. Surprising that you’ve only started hiking in 2011, it seems to be such a big part of your life! It’s really cool that you’ve found a way to document your adventures, filmmaking and hiking go well together! You seem to have a really large following on your site and YouTube, I was wondering if you submit your films to adventure sports film festivals or distribute them in any other way other than online? I’m a filming fanatic and was thinking of exploring the adventure sports sector.

    Hope to hear from you soon, happy hiking!

    • Hi, Sonya

      Yeah, I certainly got sucked into it fairly quickly, haha. As for submitting my films, I’ve never submitted them to anything other than posting them directly to YouTube, but maybe something in the future if the right situation came up. For the most part I just enjoy doing the YouTube thing for now.

  47. Hey sintax. I am only 14 and want to start backpacking. I dont live with my dad and my mom hates camping. what do I do?

  48. Sintax, first off, love the channel. I have definitely used a lot of your tips. Being a firefighter/medic first aid is high on my list of backpacking items and usually carry enough for me and the group I’m with. As I am always interested in what others carry I am interested in what you carry especially since you do a lot of solo hikes.

    • Oh man, you’d probably be disappointed in my first aid kit then, haha. I usually carry a pretty minimal kit with several kinds of bandages, ibuprofen, benedryl and some small single use neosporin tubes that I made out of heat sealed snippets of drinking straws. On the other hand, my friend Mike is an RN and usually brings extra items for the group when he’s along, much like you do for your crew.

      • Thanks for the info. I always carry too much. Half the stuff I carry I’ve never used and probably never will. I’m trying to cut it down for longer hikes so I can reduce wait. Once again love the YouTube channel. Keep cranking ’em out. Be safe

  49. You are producing some really nice videos. I look forward to each one you post. I recently viewed again the one from last fall on the Red River Gorge (2hrs drive for me). I have never camped there and was wondering what internet or other informational sources you found most useful in planning your backpacking trip. I would like to do 2 nights and stay more remote. I have a tent and hammock so I can carry what would better fit the situation.

    • As an additional question, did you pick the fall because of possibly improved conditions (bugs, rain, less people, etc) or just by happenstance?

    • Compared to other areas I’ve researched, there wasn’t a _ton_ of info out there on the Red River Gorge. I think my main starting points were an article in Backpacker Magazine from 2001, along with an official pdf RRG Trail Map from the Forest Service. To supplement and get ideas, I believe I got most of my other info by Google’ing forum results and reading about other peoples trips and experiences with the area.

  50. Sintax,
    Love the videos. Its funny because I started doing something similar with hiking videos however I am just getting started so haven’t done too many overnights. I like the format of your videos as far as information and scenery. Because of your red river gorge video I am now going to plan a trip there in September or October. Of course I will be shooting a video as well. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration.

    PS. I am a like minded person when it comes to other issues you have mentioned in your videos.

  51. Hey Sintax77;

    I’ve enjoyed your videos ever since the first one I saw where you and your buddy Mike hiked the abandoned turnpike (which is my fave so far). Needless to say I’ve been hooked ever since. I guess I didn’t realize that there were so many places to hike and see in the eastern states (I’m from Michigan).

    If you ever run out of places to hike, you are more than welcome to come and explore Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. And if you’re really up to a challenge, there’s always Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior.(I’ve been there twice).


    • Thanks Mike, glad you’re enjoying the videos. I’ve tossed around the idea of hitting Michigan sometime, but I’ll have to take a more serious look at it soon. Thanks for the info!

  52. Hey Sintax,
    This is the alcohol stove I am going with. It looks like it is quality. I know you made your own but I don’t trust my mechanical abilities so I bought this one for $20 on ebay.

    • Very cool, that stove looks pretty slick, and $20 isn’t bad for a solid piece of gear. I actually just picked up a Vargo Titanium Triad stove to experiment with myself.

      • Yeah that is a good looking stove as well. Let me know how it works for you. Its about the same weight but can’t beat titanium for durability

  53. Hey Sintax77
    i saw ur Video on Youtube, about driving Las vegas to Grand Canyon daytrip an the rim walk,,,
    so i going to Vegas this year one more time, so but the first time we want go to the gran Canyon, that the reason if i get any questions.

    Can u tell me any important Points for the day trip to vegas to Canyon ? must i pay for anything,, can i drive to the Canyon with my privat car ,. ?

    thnx about your answers.

    best regards


    • If I remember correctly, it was about a 6 to 7 hour drive from downtown Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon visitor center and I don’t believe there were any tolls, but I could be wrong. We got up pretty early in the morning and rented the standard mustang convertible right from our hotel lobby and were on our way. We left around 6 a.m. and got there around 1 p.m. There was a fee to drive into the park (may $20 or something?), after which we drove right in a parked ourselves. We explored for a bit and headed back to LV, arriving late night to meet up with our friends and continue the regular insanity of Las Vegas.

      Obviously, this was a pretty aggressive round trip for a single day, but being from out east, the desert drive was an interesting experience in itself for us.

  54. Do you ever Geocache, I am a geocacher in Kentucky and I have traveled to many of the same places that you have hiked. I really enjoy your videos and it makes me want to try a backpacking trip of my own.

  55. Hey Sintax,

    Love the vids, thanks for the content and inspiration! I’ve got a question regarding navigation issues. Have you ever gotten lost on a hike? I’ve been in several situations on long day hikes where there are split-offs and/or poorly blazed trails, and after several miles on an out-and-back, the return can get confusing and nerve-racking. I always end up finding my way back, but I was curious if you have had similar experiences. Do you find a gps to be crucial on your hikes?


  56. Hey there Syntax! I have been viewing tour site for about half a year now and have learned quite a lot from you. I have never solo hiked/camped but I have the perfect opportunity to do so soon. My daughter has a function in DC and I have to take her up (from NC). I was wondering if you have any good suggestions for a 3 night / 2 day trip close to DC. Ideally I would need to find a camping spot Friday night without much hiking. I would then hike Saturday and Sunday (with Sunday night needing to be back at the initial campsite so that I can get out of the woods early on Monday). Any thoughts for a trip like this? This seems to be like the kind of trips you do a lot so I figured I would check with you first. You have me inspired to just get out there and do it!

    • If you’re going to be in the DC area, then Shenandoah is probably the way to go. It’s just about your closest option, couple of hours south or so. Due to the long, skinny shape of the park, their aren’t too many ways to get creative with routes, but there are definitely some cool areas down there to explore. Have you seen my Shenandoah video before? If not, it may be a good starting point to get the inspiration going: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXz06_imbDY

      • Thanks a bunch for the suggestion. I actually have watched that video and that is where I was leaning towards (although I need to stick with the north end). I am trying to plan a route for the 26th through 29th. Maybe I’ll even take my GoPro and try to get some video of this (although I’m sure this could lead to me tripping and doing a faceplant on a rock.) At least it will be captured on film when they have to haul my carcass out of there! πŸ™‚ I’ll reply to this thread and let you know how it goes! …….unless the faceplant happens then you’ll see it on the news.

  57. Hello Sintax,

    Been watching your videos for awhile now that I’m getting back into backpacking – boy it’s much easier being an outdoors person with the invention of YouTube, the Internet and Plastic. Thanks for being so helpful by putting your experiences online!

    Anyway, I see you answered this over a year ago, but what sort of equipment are you taking for your video, audio, extra batteries and charging? Could you do a video on behind the scenes, or perhaps point me to it if you already created one? Didn’t see one while browsing your channel. Ultimately I would like to start creating videos for my own excursions, even if I just share them with family.

    John in Baltimore

  58. Hey Sintax,

    I’ve been watching your videos for a few months now and you’ve really helped me rediscover my thirst I constantly need to quench for outdoor adventure. Primarily I’ve been more of a day hiker and trail runner. As of recently, I’ve been very busy with paramedic school and have a crazy schedule as of late. I needed to unplug from the hustle, bustle, and stress from it all and I needed to change approach due to my past experiences backpacking. So, I came across your You Tube channel and was impressed with your devotion to share your experience, philosophy, and gear. Like you, I’ve been a novice backpacker and learned some hard lessons. (Especially in the Winter) But thanks to your site I’ve since been thinking a little more conscientiously about how I go about my excursions, and more importantly, my safety.

    In November, I’m supposed to do a 3-4 day adventure with a long time hiking companion. Right now it looks like we will be hitting up the Cat Skills. However, is there any honorable mentions in Pennsylvania that you could suggest. New England weather and forecast can change on a dime, and I think with all the hard work and sacrifice I’ve been putting into my program, I deserve to stay out of some foul weather (due to the lack of appropriate gear that I’ve yet to obtain).

    Shouting out from the lower Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.


    I’ll be asking around in your forums as well. Keep up the great work and keep having fun!

  59. I was wondering is you all have given any look at inflatable canoe camping? Yeah, your not going to navigate white water or anything like that, but for normal rivers/lakes it’s the bomb. Empty, mine weights 40-45LBS and seats two and fits nicely in a kit bag in the backseat of my truck, inflated it’s little over 10′ long. Mines about middle of the road for price and durability and have had it now for two seasons now with no major signs of wear.

    Normally I will forgo the second person and head down to a boat ramp and inflate, load my ruck in the front, and look at all the people looking at me like what’s this crazy fool doing. the best trek I have done was from Clarksville to south of Nashville and camping on the bank during the evening. Twice I did just have to find a place to tie off and sleep in the canoe, but have to say it was a pretty good nights sleep. Anyhow just a thought

  60. Hi Sintax,

    Just wanted to thank you for bringing us along on your Pemi Loop adventure.
    My wife and I live in western Maine and we were hiking Speckled Mountain not
    far from where you were on the Maine NH border on about the same day. We
    also heard the throaty rumble of military jets doing maneuvers above the clouds
    which was something we were not accustomed to but were cool to hear on your

    Knowing how far you drive to get to the Whites, I’m sure the last thing you want
    to do is more driving but you are ever so inclined, I would encourage you to hop
    on route 2 east for just a bit longer and check out the trails here in western Maine.
    Our sections of the AT are amazing and easily accessible not to mention famous
    or infamous depending on who you ask. If you let us know your coming I’d be glad
    to throw some moose burgers (yes, I’m serious) on the grill… with cheese, of course.

    Thanks again for the videos. We love to see the rocks and roots and muddy boots.

    Take care,

    Scott and Ilse Dunbar,
    Rumford, Maine

  61. You have inspired me. My wife and I, after watching your videos, hiked the dolly sods wilderness. Being that it’s was our 1st trip ever, we attempted a shorter loop. We managed an impressive 14 mile loop (2 day total). Well, I think it’s impressive, as that was some of the rockiest trails. We already planning our next adventure.

    Thank-you for the videos and introducing us to the great outdoors.

    (Much of our equipment was purchased based on your reviews)

    Scott L.
    Pittsburgh, PA

    • Hey Scott, glad to hear you hit the Dolly Sods! It’s an awesome spot and 14 miles is a decent hike for sure! Congrats on already planning the next adventure – it’s addictive isn’t it? Are you planning to stick with the same general area for the next trip, or branching out?

  62. Hey Sintax, have really enjoyed watching your videos, My wife and i have been section hiking the A/T this year and have learned a ton from you and Mike… keep at it , i am from central Pa around Harrisburg. i am also addicted to the Whites, did the Zealand falls hike last year and looking forward to going that area again. Just wanted to say thanks.. good stuff Marty

  63. Hi, you told me a little about your henessey hammock setup with your dutch clips and the package from Dutch. When I asked you how your snake skins work with the dutch clips and cinch buckles you mentioned that you now set up your tarp separately from your hammock – I understand why and particularly in the rain. Can you recommend a good tarp/fly size from your experience – and also a good supplier – I live in Australia and we have different stores – so I’m hopping you didn’t but it from Walmart (we don’t have them here). Thanks for the great videos – I’m a premiere pro CS6 fan too – I appreciate the production that goes into your videos – you have a really cool personality that connects with your audience – i think that’s what makes your videos stand out from many others on youtube. If you are ever thinking of travelling to Oz let me know – there’s many walks that I can recommend. Cheers Doug

  64. Hey Sintax77 my name is Troy from Northern Kentucky. Wondering if you’re interested in day backpacking and camping at Red River Gorge in Kentucky again? I would like to go backpacking some time with you there if that’s cool? Also they have the Natural Bridge there too! Please let me know if you’re interested in backpacking with me there sometime this spring or summer. Thanks Troy

  65. Saw where someone ask you to check out the Sipsey Wilderness in Northwest Alabama. In the spring during rainy season is the best time for a waterfall hike.Shoot me an email and I can send some pics to check out. I’m in the hiking club there and would be happy to be of service. Love your videos, keep up the great work!

  66. Sintax77, just wanted to say hello as one of your new subscribers. I love the videos. I think I got hooked when I watched the trip to Red River Gorge. I watched it a few weeks after I made a trip there and camped about 1,000 feet from your first night. You inspire me to push the clock a little and not wimp out driving 4 hours for a weekend camp.

    Thanks for the vids and keep up the good work.


  67. hay sintex77 you got some of the coolest backpacking videos i ever seen i live in fl were i lived most my life im originally from your neck of the woods south jersey. I lived in az from 96 to 08 loved it came back to take care of my mom who passed in 09. Anyways

    • Thanks, Craig. How’s the hiking down in Florida? I think I’ve heard that you’ve a long distance trails down there, right?

      • There is it,s called the fl trail i did some bits and pieces of it from big cypress in the everglades to the suwannee river and also the central fl lake reregion believe or not it,s all different whats really cool about fl though is the waterways for kaykakng and boating you also cant beat the fishing as far as the hikeing on the eastern side of the u.s. go,s i personally like the adirondacks or your favorite the nh whites mountain,s another place i like alot closer to home is the cohutta wilderness in north ga also before it gets to warm i would do a 2 or 3 day hike on cumberland island ga its real easy but seems like fun also if you got any questions about fl or the south west send me an email ill give you my phone number as you probably see im not the best with computers other surfing the web

  68. some thing happend just when i getting to the point i did alot of backpacking out west az col nm calf mostly az go on line and check out west clear creek tonto creek wet beaver creek these are great places to go canyoning in may or june before the monsoons start then it could be dangerous. also also in the cooler months a real cool area to check out is the sierra anchas there a lot of indian ruins that dont get much visitors devils chasm is my favorite it wasnt rediscoverd till 1938 just the drive before you start the hike is an adventure in it,s self i would love to see you do some videos out that way

  69. Hey Sintax
    I’ve been a long time subscriber, probably 2 years or so. I enjoy all your videos, but especially any in the northeast, as im also from the philly area. I frequent the Adirondacks.( well as much as my schedule and finances allow) I’m not sure if your big on requests or suggestions for videos, but just wanted to shoot you a quick meassage to share this link with you, as I REALLY dig the Vermont videos, ( Green Mountains are very similar to the Adks) In particular the Breadloaf Wilderness sees very cool, so wanted to share with you.
    Also can you possibly do a review on your spot device if you have time?

  70. Hey sintax ive been fallowing your youtube channel for a while and i gotta say i love your videos. I saw the other night a video where you were doing a solo trip in the winter and showed your GPS system on camera. I loved the features you were telling us it had. Made me and the girlfriend want to get one for our trips. Just was wondering the brand and model of the unit and if you could do a review on it and where you got it from. Thank you again for the awesome channel. Keep safe and happy hiking.

    • Hi Austin, My new GPS is a Garmin Oregon 650 and I’m really happy it with it. I’ve had it out on a variety of trips in both winter and summer since getting it last February and it’s performed great. I’ll have to try and do a video on it one of these days to show off some of the features and give my thoughts.

  71. hey dude, i heard your one buddy say something about scrapple in your videos. are you in the philly area, cause i’m always looking for people to hike with? i’m class of ’11 on the AT.

  72. Hey Syntax77,
    awesome videos! have you ever thought about boundary water canoe area in Minnesota. Not much for hiking but it’ll be a different kind of challange i suppose… may or may not be your thing but i would love to see a video from you in the bwca. Come up north and enjoy some Minnesota Nice!

  73. Really like the videos as I am looking to get into backpacking this year.

    For worried spouses- do you have any info on the percentage of trails that have cell phone coverage in general? I will be starting off in southeast Ohio- but would be interested in your comments on the subject in general.

    • Not really sure of a percentage, but I’d say it’s actually getting better each season. The worst area for coverage issues is definitely in the south. West Virginia in particular is pretty much dead zone (I believe they have their own local carrier that the locals use in town). Up north isn’t quite so bad if you can get to higher elevations. For instance, in the Whites, you can’t really count on it below treeline, but if you get up on the top of a summit, there’s a decent chance you can get a voice call out, or at least a text. Although, there are some summits in the Pemi Wilderness section of the Whites that I couldn’t even get a text out off the tip top of a summit. I haven’t been to southeast Ohio, but I have been to eastern Kentucky, which may be kind of similar. Pretty sure I didn’t have reliable service down there either, once I got into the woods.

  74. Hey man, really love your channel. I had sent you a YouTube message about my new Channel HikerMD, but I have recently changed it to PaleoHikerMD. I follow the Paleo diet, am a physician, and had a blog called PaleolithicMD. I have changed the blog to PaleoHikerMD so that I can continue to blog about the Paleo lifestyle, but also include my growing love for backpacking and my longtime love of the outdoors. I have a section on my blog http://www.PaleoHikerMD.com called “Friends of PaleoHikerMD” and I was going to add your site to it. I am by no means a high traffic blog, I have 2700 email subscribers roughly but it is growing. Your channel inspired me so much to start my youtube channel and actually start blogging again that I want to put you up there if it’s cool with you. Not asking anything in return, just enjoy your channel and it has really spurred my family and I to get active online again and get outside more! Let me know if that’s ok, and look forward to your next video! Be safe out there…

  75. Syntax77, Been watching you videos for a couple of weeks now. Great stuff. Really appreciate you taking the time to dive into the gear as well as share your hiking experiences. I worked in Yosemite in the Summer of 88, when Yellowstone was burning. Never knew how great I had it. Longest hike was the Halfdome from my tent in Yosemite Valley. My gear list consisted of reebok hightops. shorts, tshirt, and water bottle from my mountain bike. I guess that would be considered stupid lite. Just wanted to say thanks and say keep the videos coming.

    Thinking on doing it right from here on out. Can you suggest any books or guides on hiking?

    Thanks again


  76. Sintax- great website and videos! I know you mentioned above you’re thinking about doing a video of your GPS device. Count me in as someone who would like to see it, specifically your workflow from selecting the map, entering waypoints and how you use it on the trail. I’m trying to get with the technological times and feel like a fish out of water.

    Philly suburb guy sends

  77. Sintax77, thanks for all of your videos as I am just getting into backpacking and I have learned so much from your productions. I was wondering where do you get your trail maps for planning your trips?

  78. Sintax, I noticed you use the kelty salida 2 in a few videos. I am considering purchasing. Is this a tent you would recommend or should I should I keep looking?

    • Hey, Corey. Saw your question and I thought I’d throw in my two cents on the Salida 2. I’ve used this tent for three years in the Rockies of Colorado and Wyoming and it’s been an awesome tent. I bought it at a great price on a whim after seeing that it was chosen as a Backpacker Magazines Editor’s Choice. (You can probably still find their review of it on their website.) Since then, I’ve probably spent between 20 and 25 nights in it in everything from clear skies to rain, snow and hail. It’s never leaked. I’ve used it as a luxury sized solo tent. The only downsides I can see with the tent is that if you are going to share it with someone else having one door can be difficult to live with and the fact that it does not have a roof vent, especially with two people, may result in some condensation inside on the fly. Having said that, I’ve only had an issue with condensation once and that was on a cold night in Wyoming when it hailed and rained off and on all night. If you can live with the fact that it only has one door and that you might occasionally have to deal with some condensation, then it’s a great tent at a great price and a reasonable weight.

      • Thanks Dave ,

        I am also considering the Kelty Gunnison 2.2. It appears to give better ventalation and has the 2doors. I’m just not sure if it’s worth 5.5lbs vs the Salida’s 4.5 lb.

        • Corey, for me the bottom line on the Salida 2 is that I wouldn’t share it with anyone other than my spouse and if we did share it I’m sure we’d be fighting over who got the side with the door. If you’re only going solo the Salida 2 will be an awesome tent. If you’re going to be sharing the tent with a partner then my experience is that the extra pound will be a small price to pay for having another door. If you like the layout of the Gunnison, you might want to check out the REI Half Dome. For the same price and a lower pack weight you get a little more interior space and vertical side walls. I’ve had two versions of the Half Dome and they’ve been awesome tents.

    • Dave’s comments below pretty much hit the nail on the head. I found it very nice as a roomy solo tent, or as a light 2 person tent in a pinch, but with some obvious trade offs due to the lack of a second door. The only reason I stopped using it for solo trips was due the fact that I migrated to using a hammock, and for group tent trips we usually just split op a Nemo 3p that has a bit extra room and dual vestibules.

  79. Sierra Trading Post with 35% off coupon codeSFB21215.

    Kelty salida 2- $89
    kelty Gunnison $114

    I am leaning toward Salida because I plan to go with group of guys but sleep solo.

    Thanks Dave

    • I was also looking at Sierra Trading Post. They have the older model of Neo Trekker Air. Does anyone know if 2 R Value is enough for 3 season.

      $65 after Coupon

  80. Syntax77,

    I too am trying to go ultralight and I am in the process of revamping my gear.

    Had a question about the guy lines on your tarp set up. I noticed on your gear list you have 6 9.5′ Zing-IT guy lines, each line rigged with Dutch Wasps. How are you tying off the guy lines to your tarp and to the stake? Have you done a video, or do you plan on doing a video, on your tarp and hammock suspension systems?

  81. Love your channel Sintax77. Please don’t burn out. Keep it going! Hopping around the presidential mountains was my favorite. Sadly I binged watch all your vids and now I need more. Get out there bud!

    Peace from Japan.


    • Thanks, Rock. I’m having plenty of fun, so no signs of burning out in the near future at least! πŸ™‚ That Presicat Loop in the Whites was possibly my personal favorite solo hike as well. It was a great blend of both popular and secluded sections, and a ton of great views. Oh, man, now you’re making me want to go back! Speaking of which, I’ve got some more videos in the works, so hopefully some new material will be out soon. Then it’s on to the warm season…

  82. Just wanted to say that I love all of your videos from your hikes to your equipment reviews – they have been quite helpful. I truly loved your videos at Dolly Sods and am looking to do that hike in the near future (3 day hike) . My youngest son has expressed a desire to go with me, but has very little hiking experience. He has hiked with me on some day hikes and we’ve done a short section of the AT, but never an overnight trip. I was just wondering how the sods would treat him and when is the best time to go. I was looking at late March or early April, but didn’t know if it would still be too cold for him – your thoughts.

    Keep doing what your doing and I look forward to watching your future videos – Tell Mike (trailkilla) I enjoy his as well.

    Thanks again,

    • Hi Mike, I think the Sods are a great place for beginner and experienced hikers alike. None of the elevation changes are too aggressive, and many of the spots on the top with the best views have almost know elevation changes at all. March will probably be a bit chilly, and even April’s historical average is around around mid to low 50’s during the day and into the low 30’s at night. It looks like by late May / June it should be in the 70’s with nightly lows in the mid 50’s.

  83. Hello Sintax77 , love your video’s, I’m. 66 and was just like you when I was younger. Made many trips to Dolly Sods back in the 70s, and 90s. Back then there was very little development in that area and getting there in the winter was just as big a challenge as the hiking. Also made many trips to the White Mountains, most of the time during February. So it’s like being there again. Keep doing what your doing because I’m a big fan.

    • Thanks, man. I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos. It’s nice to hear from someone else who’s done both the Sods and the Whites. They’re such unique and beautiful locations – to see them in even less developed conditions must have been pretty cool. Stay tuned, I’m editing a February White Mountains group trip video now, and hope to squeeze in one more winter trip before the season’s done.

  84. Hey Sintax77,

    My son and I really enjoy your videos. We have learned a lot. I especially appreciate the fact that you keep your videos near G rated. Hard to find good clean stuff now days. I grew up in the Adirondacks and have very found memories playing in the southeast corner of them.

    I now reside in the mountain west. What are the chances you head out this way for a trip. I know that trip would not be of the typical sintax style but I would love to invite you out this way.

    • Thanks, Trevor. I’ve only hit the Adirondacks once, but it was an awesome trip, so imagine living there was great. I bet you’ve got some great hiking now that you’re out west now too. I hope to do a flight out there one day for some hiking, just have to get the timing and planning right.

  85. Ditto on the G rating comments. My kids have been watching some of the videos with me. My son (7 years old) loves the video. Keep them coming.

  86. Hey Sintax
    It’s almost spring her in Long Island NY. And with the ticks being so bad last year. I was wondering what you use for them and do you spray any of your gear before a hike? And what do you use?

  87. Syntax:

    I’m very interested in how you create your trail maps. They’re very well done and seem to be very user friendly. I wonder if you might consider telling how you usually do that. Please include software and all hardware involved.

    Maybe you would consider a video on the subject. Love what you do! Thanks, HPB

  88. I like your web site and in particular your video on backpacking. I do a lot of dayhike last 3 years and I am working on the NE115 list. I want to do some backpacking and your experience help me a lot. Cheers !


  89. Hey Sintax,

    I really have enjoyed your videos, I found them this winter while spending the long nights of newborn feelings with my son. A couple buddies and I have done a bunch of day hikes as well as a lot of car camping. We are from South Jersey, and wanna do a few overnight out and back style trips. Do you have any recommendations? The one video of yours that comes to mind was your Poconos zombie preparation hike. I personally am going to go the hammock route but I believe the other two guys will be using a small 2 man dome style tent if that makes a difference. Any advice would be awesome.

  90. Hello Sintax!
    Greetings from Norway!
    I have just recently getting in to hiking and camping in the wild, and your videos are great inspiration! I found your youtube channel 2 weeks ago, and now im addicted! I have seen almost all of your videos now!
    And my question is this, are you doing any longer trips this year??
    I have seen many videos on youtube about the John Muir trail, and thats seems very nice. Have you considered a trip like that?
    I would love to see a video from you on a long lightweight trip!

    And if you are ever in norway, we have a lot of nice natur for hiking!

  91. I want to say I enjoyed your video 2015 Ultralight Backpacking. I three questions for you.
    1 The gear you showed in your video would that work for hiking the AT.
    2 and 3 as far as food i and water for hiking the AT would that bring the total weight up to 15lbs and I was thinking about using the MRE what is your thoughts.

  92. Hey Sintax77, I love your videos. Really good stuff. You have certainly learned a lot and changed your setup a lot over the years. I wanted to ask you about Dolly Sods: I am going to take a 2 night / 3 day trip in August. I am thinking about stealth camping with Hennessy Hammocks (of course). Do happen to remember or perhaps you have read if it’s possible to stealth camp near the junction of TR514 / TR511 and the junction of TR521 / TR524? I have mapped out a 27 mile route and those two area’s are really the best places for me to camp, given the route I have selected. Thanks. Keep fighting the good fight.

  93. Hey, Sintax. Thanks again for the vids!!! I think I’ll turn my thank you message into an annual thing. You’ve gotten me through several winters when I wasn’t backpacking and even inspired me to take up winter camping myself …….. (“If Sintax and Trailkilla can do it, then why don’t I give it a try!?!?) Anyway, keep up the good work and a heartfelt thanks from the Rockies.

  94. Hey Sintax,

    Watched a few of your videos on youtube. Very entertaining. I also enjoy backpacking but enjoy too many creature comforts to get more than a few miles on my overnight trips. If you are down in the south again you should check out the Cohutta wilderness in north GA. It is the largest wilderness area east of the Mississippi. For the most part, you have to take primitive dirt/gravel roads to trail heads. There are lots of opportunities to create your own loop hikes out of the trails. Lots of river crossings and waterfalls so bring some keen sandals or something like that.

    Keep the hiking videos comming!


  95. Hi Sintax,

    I stumbled across your video while researching hiking in NH white mountains. I am currently located in NJ. First I want to thank you for your awesome videos and gear reviews , you got me hooked. I normally do camping and hiking with family but from this year I am planning to do few solo hikes this summer and NH is my favorite place to do so. I am planning for my hikes and need your help in answering few dilemmas.

    1. For stealth camping what are your views on bivy vs hammock? I am kind of caught in between the two.
    2. I dont own a handgun and not sure of legality of bear pepper spray in NJ, what do you think is a good option for bear protection in NH white mountain wilderness. How safe is it to hike solo.
    3. Can I download your map data in Garmin etrex 10.

    Thanks again for getting me interested in solo hiking after a long time. Keep up the good work with the videos , have fun and stay safe.


  96. Quick Question for ya! I know you use a handheld Garmin GPS for most of your hikes to plot trips and such, but have you checked out any of the GPS Topo Apps, in particular Gaia. Its pretty crazy to think that a $20 App can do what a $100-500 unit can. My friends and I bought maps at mytopo.com, but for the cost, I’m wondering if an App would be more cost effective. Thoughts? Input? Feelings? lol All the best. -Josh Payne

  97. hey sintax77,
    I was curious, you did any canoe or kayak trips? If so do you have any tips/advise on that?

  98. My family and I are taking our first real vacation. We have decided to go to North Carolina to view some of the beautiful mountains and the spectacular photo opt they have to offer. My question to you is as follows; “Is there a trail that you could suggest that would offer us the beautiful scenery of mountains, valleys, and rivers; that myself and my novice family might want to consider during our back packing vacation?”. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh by the way, I am writing this to you using the McDonalds WIFI probably the worst burger in the world but I am traveling and need the single to reach out. So sitting here holding back the gag reflects “Its burger…gag…time!”

    • Hey, Robert. I hope my response isn’t too late, but if you’re headed to North Carolina, I would highly reccomend the Linville Gorge area. It’s beatiful and hits just about everything on your list – mountains, valleys, and a big old river running right down the middle. There are tons of trail options for trips in the gorge, but the video Mike and I did might be able to give you an idea of what you could do down there. We did a couple days on each side of the gorge, both down on the river, and up on the top overlooking the gorge.

  99. Hey Sintax77 good evening i was wondering if you could give any insight on any good books on map orientation and compass reading and what website you use to download your topo maps looking to get out there and away from the bull!@#$ on the weekends Thanks, Steve and keep up with the great vids i have watched them all and you have given the inspiration that even if you only have two days its worth it

    • Hi, Steve. My favorite site for free gps maps is http://www.gpsfiledepot.com They’ve got plenty of good stuff. That’s what I loaded my Garmin Oregon up with after buying the version without maps, and it works great. As far as map and compass tips, I just watched a bunch of YouTube videos. There’s some pretty good ones out there from simple all the way up to advanced navigation.

    • Thanks, Terry. We’re working on planning a group trip with the guys up in New Hampshire region next, followed by a trip down south with the wives in the fall maybe.

    • Oh, man that’s crazy. My friend is planning to go down there as well for a trip. Pretty creepy stuff. People seem to be leaving too much stuff around and the bears are getting a bit too comfortable.

  100. Hey Sintax stumbled on your videos love watching them just a quick question I think I saw you wearing a ribz front pack if so what size do you have and have you done a review video on it? If not what’s your feeling on it thanks and keep them videos coming really enjoy watching thanks!!

  101. Good Day Sintax77,

    I stumbled across your video on Youtube while searching for hiking videos. Dude, your videos are AWESOME! Seriously, they are truly informative, well-shot, and and useful for novices and experts. A little background about me, about four years ago my boss took me hiking with him in Montana in a “let’s get to know one another better situation.” Needless to say, I was totally unprepared for what he had in store when we hiked a trail in Helena, Montana. HOWEVER, even though I came back exhausted and achy, I was hooked. I have gotten my wife and kids involved and they love it too. Anyway, great videos you have; and I’ll keep watching!

  102. Hey Sintax,

    Love all of the videos you are making and enjoy them for many reasons. I wanted to tell you that one of these many reasons that some may not even notice or appreciate is that your videos are family friendly. I watch the hiking videos with my 4yo daughter (who LOVES camping) and I don’t have to sit poised to cover her ears or explain something I would rather not explain. Don’t know if that is intentional or just your character, but I really appreciate it.

    So, one of the first videos she and I watched together was “Sara goes hammock camping.” We enjoyed it. A week or so later we watched another one that Sara was not on. We were only a couple of minutes in and she says in a very annoyed voice “HEY, Where’s the girl?!?” I had to explain she didnt go on that trip blah blah blah. She was still annoyed. So, one of your fans would like to see more of “the girl.” LOL

    Thanks again for what you do.

    • Haha, that’s pretty cool – I’ll have to let Sara know she’s been requested in some more videos! I actually have another trip filmed with Sara that I still have to edit and release, so there will be at least one more similar video in the future. I just have to finish the current video I’m working on first- a guys canoe camping trip that we did earlier this summer.

  103. I’ve spent much more time in Zions than Canyonlands, and I’ve spent more time in Arches than both of the others combined. I haven’t done any backpacking in those areas though. All of my backpacking experience (what little there is) is up in the Uintah mountains in Northeastern Utah. I don’t think I can recommend one of the southern parks over the other for you since I’ve not looked into the backpacking.They’re all beautiful of course, and I’m sure you’d need permits to backpack in any of them.

    As for season, the heat can be an issue. I prefer March and April then September through November. Even finding water to filter might be an issue on some trails. Hiking down a slot canyon with a river in the bottom is best done in the summer though.

    I do want to say that Zions has a shuttle that runs during the busiest months (that’s fine except you can’t drive into the best parts of the park – you have to take the shuttle). I don’t like the shuttle, so I check if it’s running before paying a visit. I was stymied once because the shuttle is brought back into service during Holidays. I thought I was safe over Thanksgiving weekend.

    Hope that helps,


  104. Always enjoy the videos whether solor or with Mike, Sara and Daniel Disco. Possible trip idea Grayson Highlands? Also enjoying the Sinchats. Topic suggestions, how about hygiene? Not pretty but everyone needs it to some extent. What do you carry? First Aid kit? You may have covered this somewhere but I’d like to know a little more-understand if you don’t want to highlight in a backpacking video. Carrying a gun, why? I’m a woman, solo hiker. I like the back country. Not afraid of bears-just other guys. Have no problem with people carrying guns. Any tips on researching the billions of laws and carrying a gun while backpacking would be so helpful. I was trending towards a Taurus ahile back and saw your review which made me do a lot more research. Ended up with a beretta nano very pleased.- so thank you for that video.

  105. Hello Sintax, I’ve been enjoying your videos for awhile with my 10y.o. boy. He’s quite the survivalist! I couldn’t seem to find the information about the tent used for the Dolly Sods with the ladies along. By only observing through the video, it appears that there was one 4 man tent. Could you expound on that a bit. I’m always curious about group backing and sharing the weight of the tent etc. Oh, if you’re ever on your way to the Whites and need a pit stop, I’m in northern Mass.

    Thank you,

  106. Hey Sintax77, unless you have camped in the smokey mountains more than once the part u backpacked in was in nc not tn. I’m referring to your main stomping grounds comment.

  107. Sintax – just wanted to let you know that my wife and I thoroughly enjoy watching your videos, especially the hammock camping ones, and with your wife. We have watched several over our morning coffee as we plan our first hammock camping event.
    Two questions I have – I note you use a lot of Mountain dehydrated packages. Would you recommend a food dehydrator or not?
    Also, in reaching out to Derek at Ultimate Hang as well as KDawgCrazy, I successfully made my first PLUQ and tested it out last night under my deck. Was curious what additional input you would have for a budget underquilt recommendation. Last night here in Sioux Falls got down to 45 or so, maybe lower with the wind, and I did pretty good. But I’m thinking of adding a Costco 700FP Quilt for insulation within the poncho. Any other thoughts? I just want to make sure my wife has as good a time as she can. Happy wife, Happy Life, etc.

    Anyway, thanks for the efforts on your videos, the documentation of what gear you use and how, etc. It has been more help than you can possibly imagine – and very entertaining.


  108. Dear Sintax77

    Thank you for your interests.

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  110. Hey man, I have watched all of your youtube videos. I just want to thank you for the inspiration. I was a boy scout in my teens and used to go camping once a month but I am now 24 years old and completely forgot how much I love being out in nature. I sit in a cubical all day so it’s nice being able to watch your videos and feel like I’m not sitting in an office building all day. You’ve inspired me to go out and get a hammock and actually do something other that watch Netflix on my weekends. I live in Atlanta so I’ve been exploring the north GA mountains every weekend for the past couple months.
    So, thank you. You rock bro!


    • Thanks, Andrew. That’s awesome to hear! I’m right there with you on the office issue. Enjoy those weekend trips – the memories will get you through many an office day πŸ™‚

  111. Hey man

    Love your trips and videos…

    I am going to do Mt Washington next month, but not sure where to get the trail maps, whats the best source to get those maps?



  112. My friend and I want to do a overnight backpacking/hiking/camping in Pennsylvania, can you recommend a good trail with good sights in the winter and where we are allowed to camp in the wilderness without reservations. Except for the AT. Thanks and love your vids.

    • Jackie, there’s a book titled Backpacking Pennsylvania by Jeff Mitchell. It has great suggestions for trails in the state. I actually live in Western NY and have used the book for trip ideas.

      Sintax, loving the site and videos. Keep it up, and have a great holiday season!

    • Funny you should mention that. My wife and I have actually been looking into the Superstition Wilderness for the last week or so! We’re keeping an eye of flight prices to Phoenix in case any opportunities come up. Have you backpacked there before?

  113. Sean, I may have missed it, but I thought you mentioned back in the fall there was another canoe trip coming and a few more backpacking vids??

    Enjoy watching the vids and going to be jumping into SE US back packing with a mate of mine over the winter and spring.

    • I did do another canoe trip along the same route with my wife, but I didn’t film that one. I would imagine that I’ll be doing another one in the future though, for sure. In the mean time, I’ve got several backpacking videos filmed and being edited.

  114. Hey sintax! I am just starting to get into backpacking. I have been hiking for a while but I plan on doing the Pemi loop this summer since I go to college at Plymouth State in New Hampshire. I need to buy a new hammock that I would be able to sleep in. Could you give me a few options as to which ones would be best to start off with?

    • If you want an integrated system (bug-net attached, custom options, over-cover, etc) I highly recommend Dream Hammocks. In fact, I just ordered a Dangerbird from them for my wife as an xmas gift. The customer service, quality, and options are amazing. For a more modular system that you can start simple with and build out as you go, I would also recommend Dutchware without hesitation. Incredibly fast order processing and shipping and great quality. I think you’d be happy with either one, depending on your style and needs.

  115. Hi Sintax,
    I just wanted to thank you for all those videos. I have done several One day hikes in the past, but now my son and I are planning a week long hike in the Olympic National forest in western Washington. I was worried that I wouldn’t be prepared so I started watching videos on YouTube and found yours very educational. I will be using several of you ideas and I am confident that I will not be disappointed, or under prepared for the journey. With that thought, is there any advice you can offer on a rain-forest setting? I plan a summer hike, but it very well could be very wet and humid.
    I would also like to send an invite to you and your wife to join us. I would be honored to be on a hike with you, and form what I’ve seen you had planned on venturing out west someday. So how about this summer?
    Take care, and I hope to hear from you soon,

    Tyson Williams

  116. Hey sintax! So glad to have found your channel! I have watched most of your videos and you, your wife and your friends are so helpful! It has really encouraged me to do more DIY and less spending $$! Me and my hubs are planning a backpacking trip for this summer in OK and hoping to do glacier later on(fingers crossed!) would you be able to recommend a great custom hammock set up? I know you guys tinker with yours a lot but I would love to get a great set up right off the bat, like clips, lines etc. I would appreciate any recommendations you have! πŸ™‚


    • Hi Bonnie, You sound a lot like me when I first decided to get into hammock camping. I ended up going the Hennessy Hammock route, as I bet many have, for that very same reason. You get everything you need in one package, including the tarp. I’ve ended up expanding into other systems since, but I really did enjoy my early days with the Hennessy Expedition. That being said, if you’re up for purchasing a separate tarp, Dream Hammock and Dutchware have some great options. While you can certainly get all types of crazy with custom / DIY with them, their sites also make it pretty painless to get a full hammock system in one shot.

  117. I have been watching your videos and I have been enjoying them very much. I have searched for a video explaining how and where you search for your maps and gps info. Perhaps you would be willing to share that type of iformation in a video.

    Mountain Topper

  118. Sintax,
    First of all, thank you for all your videos. You have been an inspiration for many to get out on the trail and live a little. I did have a question and possible video idea. I was wondering what you do for safety on the trail? We’ve all heard stories about people and animals that can cause trouble along the trail and I’ve wondered how you combat this or overcome the risk. I especially remember thinking about this as you and your friend explored the forever long tunnel and camped on the other side. Thank you in advance!


  119. My husband and I have been watching your videos and really enjoy them. We live in Maine and try to hike as much as possible. Living so close to New Hampshire also allows us to venture to the White Mountain area quite often. Our big goal is the 100-Mile Wilderness this summer; another goal would be to section-hike the AT. Thanks for your informative videos!

    • Hi, Annie. I would love to check out the 100 mile wilderness some time. Good luck with your goal to visit it this summer – that’s awesome!

  120. Just wondering in the future you could do a video showing the set up and take down of your cuben tarp. It looks like your using the cuben fiber sleeves and was wanting to see how you pack the tarp up. Thanks so much. Enjoy watching and learning. Keep teacher and inspiring.


  121. LOVE the videos. Something real about them you cant find elsewhere. Keep em coming because I check way too often in hopes of finding something new.

    I know you have commented on your video editing setup, but I believe that was back in 2013. Has anything changed/upgraded?

    I am struggling with the decision on a MacBook Pro or a Windows laptop with equal specs. Price is obvious more for the MAC, but the reviews are pretty flawless. Also I am struggling with the endless # of editing software at a nice price point, or paying the premium for a Adobe or Final Cut. I am a bit worried about getting bored of the cheap software. I have similar footage to yours from hikes, zip lines, white water rafting, snorkeling, vacations, etc.

    If you had to start over from camera, computer, editing software knowing what you know now…what would Sintax do? (WWSD should be a thing)


    • Hi Mike, sorry for the delayed response. I actually did an updated video about my camera equipment, software, etc that I’ll post a link to. As far as software, I was lucky enough to stumble upon Adobe Premiere Pro from the very beginning and love it so I wouldn’t change a thing. I happen to use a PC, but once you’re in the software it’s the same experience. The major advantage to the PC is that if you’re willing / able to put in the extra research time, you’ll get far more power for a considerable amount less money spent. On the other hand, buying a mac enables you to just jump right in since it’s essentially just a pre-configured high end PC running a custom *NIX based OS. Like I said, the Premiere experience will be about the same with similarly a powered PC or MAC so just do whatever’s comfortable for you. Or, if you want to use iMovie or FCP, then definitely go with the MAC. I’ve seen a lot of pro’s jump ship from FCP to Adobe in the last few years though, for what it’s worth.

      Another important thing to not, regardless of Mac or PC, is the laptop issue. If you want a laptop regardless, and plan to use it for video editing on the side, or really need the mobility then don’t worry about it. For light 1080p editing without a lot of heavy effects, color grading or transitions, the laptop should be just fine. For more serious editing though, you’ll spend much less for far more power in a desktop, and ultimately a single HDD laptop will never compete with a multiple HDD desktop rig. Just something to think about, depending on your needs.

      Long story short though, I say you’ll be fine with either a Mac or a PC and I would personally recommend Adobe Premiere Elements to get started with. It’s got the core features of Premiere Pro for a fraction of the cost. Take into consideration that I haven’t used iMovie or FCP though, so I’m a little biased. In the end, the main factor comes down to determination and creativity.

      Link to video on filming gear: https://youtu.be/JZJ8gk4uB2A

  122. Hey Mike,
    While you wait for syntax to reply I thought I’d give you my experience and hopefully help your decision. I went through many PC’s over the past few years mainly because of price point and each one came to a screeching halt not too long after purchase. All the while, my wife had the same Mac book and after years of use (about 6 now) hers is still going strong…like new out of the box strong. I decided to finally bite the bullet and haven’t regretted it for a second. I am confident this will be the laptop that lasts me the next 10 years.
    I use mine for productivity and light gaming. Videos were super easy to piece together and edit through the included software (I started with zero experience). All of the features included with it give you a wide variety of options. I got the pro 13″ with retina because it went on sale one day and just made sense.
    Without the bloat ware and crazy updates this thing has been a powerhouse. Instant on, fast as heck and extremely ergonomic. What I noticed is that the features it includes seem to naturally conform to subconscious acts. The scrolling, auto screen/keyboard light adjusting, software arrangement just seem to naturally integrate into a traditional pc users life.
    The only part that’s hard to get used to is file placement. Apple uses a confusing system of organization compared to PC’s but once you get into the groove of file placement (I mostly use desktop), it’s a breeze.
    For the record, I’m not an “apple fan boy”, but I do enjoy quality products that I don’t have to keep investing in or tweaking with. Many of the PC’s are phenomenal machines but now that I have owned a Mac, I won’t be switching back. You can run Windows overlays too for specialized software only made for PC, but for the most part, I’ve found all the same software is available for Mac. They have also made it a lot easier to upgrade components yourself. I used to do my own upgrades on PC’s and so far I’ve found you can do batteries, ram and HD’s on Mac without a PH.D. In computer engineering as I previously thought.

    Hope all this helps and I wish you luck with your choice!

    • Patrick,

      Great info! Really appreciate your efforts/input there.

      If you don’t mind, id like to follow up on a couple things;

      1. What specs did you get with your MacBook? i5, i7? How much RAM and what size hard drive? I don’t want to under spec my machine, but if I don’t need the whole kitchen sink in my machine I can save some $$.

      2. What software are you using? I am currently using GoPro studio which is free but it is very unreliable from my experience (crashing, corrupting, etc.). Did you get a free program or pay for one?

      I am definitely leaning toward the Mac so I appreciate your assurance! But it is about double the price so I gatta do my homework first.

      Thanks again,

      • Mike,
        Sorry for the delayed response. I was actually traveling without my laptop. Specs are as follows:
        MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014)
        Processor: 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5
        Ram: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
        Graphics: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
        HD: 250gb Solid State

        As far as software goes, I just edit with iMovie. Once I started using it, I realized where a lot of the youtube channels get their content from. It comes with a vast array of options and is paired up with garageband for music. You can use their library of music or create your own which was also free and helpful. I bought mine boxed from a local store. No complaints at all. My wife’s is actually the macbook air and runs the same software without issue as well. The only difference I can tell between ours is the difference in screen resolution. That should work well enough though and can fit most peoples budget. Let me know if you need any more info.


  123. Love the videos and you are starting to make me want to join the hammock club. Some questions I’m not seeing in your videos. I’d like to see more of the practical side of things.
    1: What do you do with your pack, camera gear, shoes, etc to keep them dry and out of the elements when it rains sideways or the wind is extreme. I see how the tarp keeps you and the hammock dry but what about everything else?
    2: changing clothes; in or out of the hammock. Doesn’t seem to be very private especially around other campers
    3: many videos show us how to set up the hammock but what about the overall campsite and the functionality of the hammock vs tent.
    4: hammock camping with small children. Mike (trail killa) had a part 3 video that was great. I have one small daughter who WILL NOT sleep in the woods alone in a tent. Have you doubled up in a hammock?
    5: Side or stomach sleepers?
    6: confused about the quilt, cover, liner, hammock, etc. what goes into what.
    7: top 3 or 10 pieces of advise to setting up the tarp and hammock.

    Love the information you provide us. I have many other questions as I watch. Thanks for all you share

  124. Hi Sintax –
    I’m not much of a computer guy, so I just stumbled on your channel last month – better late than never! Really appreciate the quality material you are turning out. I’ve been a trail aficionado since 1980 and still have learned a thing or two from your videos.

    One thing i like is how you leave in the mistakes and mishaps, and show it like it is: not everything goes smoothly out there, so you have to improvise, and taking a wrong turn from time to time is part of the experience.

    Also interesting is how you fully embrace electronics use in the backcountry – but without letting the gadgetry upstage nature. Hard balance to strike…you do it gracefully.

    This may seem funny, but back in the day I was torn about the very idea of bringing along a cell phone or MP3 player into the woods, and worried that I was seeing things too much through the camera rather than just taking in the view. Now, i am sure glad that i took all those photos!

    I am in my late 50s and getting signs that the old knees are starting to deteriorate, so the glory days of backpacking are in the past for me – but i can re-live them through videos like yours. Like the Pemi Loop…I hiked it the same direction as you, with 2 buddies, in September 2001. We used the official campsites, and took 4 days, carrying standard gear, not ultralight. Had similar weather as you did coming over the Franconias, then cleared out. On Day 4, leaving early enough from Guyot Shelter, we hit the summit of Bond in time for the sunrise – so it brought quite a smile to my face when i saw that you had arrived at Bondcliff in time for a sunset! Nicely captured the flavor of the place and time.

    Amazes me how much adventure you are able to squeeze in between ‘regular’ life, especially with the investment of all those 9 hr. car trips. Takes me 6 hrs to hit the Whites or Adks so i’ve never been able to get up there as often as i’d like.
    Hope you can keep living the dream for many years to come…pop tarts, cheeseburgers and all. Looking forward to seeing more of your adventures.

  125. Great site! Found out your channel looking up some hiking trails in the Catskills. Wife and I are thinking about doing some car camping with day hikes with our 2 year old. We grew up in the Catskills and never did much other than overlook mtn and hunter mtn. Anyway, everything is super informative. THanks for taking the time!

  126. I saw that you use the Garmin Oregon 650 GPS unit. For those of us who can not afford a $500 unit, do you have any other model suggestions that may be a bit more affordable? I live in Western Maine (near Bethel) and I hike Grafton Notch and plan to hike the whites. I need something with enough detail for me to follow waypoints back to where I started more than anything else. I am a bit navigation-ally challenged. I have a Garmin eTrex Venture HC which is ancient and it is a bit too low tech. Any feedback you can give would be awesome.

  127. I think there would be a fair amount of interest in a video on using your gps routes. Topics like using base camp, loading some of your past hikes, finding saved waypoints, and so on. I’m thinking about getting a gps for a trip to the dolly sods later this spring and am interested in checking out some of the spots in your videos. There also isn’t a ton of great videos about loading trips through basecamp so it might pull some new viewers to the channel.

    I’ve also see a lot of questions about your gps setup on the forum and here. Might make a decent video for the backpacking tips-strategy and trip planning playlist when you’re stuck inside on a rainy day πŸ™‚

    Keep trekking!

  128. Hi, started watching your vlogs a few months ago and really enjoy them. I’ve noticed you have either a guide or some hiking notes you bring. I’m curious how you gather that information about where water is, where shelter/camp sites are, etc. If there is a good resource I’ve love to know. I’m getting ready to do some lower Green Mountains in Vermont in a month. Keep up the great video’s and thanks!

  129. What type of camera are you using to shoot your videos. I saw in 2013 you were using a Samsug. Is that what you are still using?

  130. Hey! Your videos are great and really do a fantastic job of explaining and showing hiking in all areas. I wanted to drop a comment and let you know about some amazing places to hike in North Carolina (where I live) and links as well. Panther town valley is a treasure in western NC and the trails are beautiful. You get everything from waterfalls to pine forrests to rock faces to valley streams in the area. It is over 30 miles in trails (completely kept up by volunteers in the community) and there are no permits or anything besides common sense camping off of trails and making sure you leave no trace. My favorite hike in the world is the valley and I hope you look into it!

    The website is https://panthertown.org

  131. Hey Sintax,

    I’ve been looking at getting back into hiking and been purchasing gear over the past few months. I used to hike overnight in the scouts in my teens, still enjoy day-hiking, but looking to get back into backpacking. I’m on the East Coast as well (Maryland, specifically) and I want to know what resource you use to find overnight hiking locations? Also, what do you do in regards to knowing info on permits? I live about an hour and 15 from the Greenridge Mountains. I’ve camped there (never backpacked) and I drop by the ranger station to grab my permit. Do you usually do the same?

    Thanks for the great videos, all of the detailed gear breakdown in the comments and the great production on the video in general. I picked up a Stickpic to use with my phone to start filming the beginning of my adventures.



  132. Hey Sintax,
    Just back got from doing the Eastern section of the Devil’s Path up in the Catskills.
    I think the whole trail is right up your alley (24 miles total – we did 14 with a single overnight).
    It’s advertised as both a two nighter or a lonnnnnnggggg day hike (insane!).
    Give it a look and if you so choose to take it on, it would be a great write up!


    • Awesome, thank you for the heads up about this. I read up on this a couple years ago and totally forgot about it. I’m going to check it out again though!

      • Great. Hope you get a chance to check it out.
        One point of interest you might consider adding is the fire tower on top of Hunter Mountain. It’s not part of the traditional Devil’s Path, and it will definitely add a few miles and elevation, but the views from the tower are some of the best in the Catskills.
        Let me know if you need any additional info.
        Thanks for all the vids!


  133. Tip on tick and mosquito control, for people and for pets. DEET is NASTY STUFF. If you must use it, try to stay between 30-40% concentrations. More is not better.

    For an alternative, try this Natural Mosquito Repellent: http://www.incognito.us/

    • Thanks, Dave. We’ll check that out. We had some Deet for ourselves, but I hadn’t done any research on it’s safety for dogs, so we applied it sparingly to ourselves and kept it away from the pup.

  134. This is probably a dumb question but I’m new to backpacking so I’m gonna just for it . Have you ever been stuck in a thunderstorm and if so, what did you do safety wise?

    • Not a dumb question at all. I’ve been camped out during some pretty decent downpours, but thankfully never when there was a abundance of lightning close enough to be a threat while at camp. I have been on the move while there was some active lightning though. In those instances, we would take the first opportunity to pull aside and stop in an area where we as low as possible, relative to our surroundings. For example, if we were in a field or open area, we’d want to get back into the woods. If we were up on a ridge, we’d try to get back down to lower elevation. If we had been seeking camp at the time, we would probably apply the same rules and hope for the best.

      • Oh okay, thanks for the info! Was gonna go up to Cohutta up in northern Georgia with the girlfriend for an overnight trip but wasn’t to sure how to go about it since the forecast says storms for the next week lol. Oh and what do you usually carry on the trail firearm wise?

  135. I really enjoy your videos not only informative are also fun to watch.i hike a lil but I am more into bikepacking. I recently bought a Sawyer squeeze because of your reviews and works great.thanks and keep up all the great videos.

  136. Hey Sintax, for your dream hammock…I was looking at ordering one, but there’s all the “extra” options to choose, what would you suggest going with on the Darien model?
    Ps you are a true inspiration keep up the awesome vids!

  137. Sintax love the vids ever thought about meeting up some of your followers in vt or NH for a over night trip or some cheeseburgers

  138. Sintax,
    Cool vid’s!! You made my lying out after surgery “functional”.
    Looking forward to getting out on the tracks again.
    Sadly wild camping & hills are a no go in the Netherlands, will make the best of it.

  139. Sintax77, Great job with the videos and I love watching them. I see you have spent time in the Great Smoky Mountains and the Linville Gorge. I have some buddies coming down to NC from MN and we are in the process of planning a 4 day remote camping trip. What do you prefer, the Linville gorge or Smoky Mountains? If we do the Gorge we’re planning on doing a loop starting at table rock parking lot. Looking for any recommendations or advice you can offer. If you prefer the GSM what should we plan of seeing and doing if we have 4 days? Thank you so much and I look forward to more of your videos. Thanks

  140. Sintax77….. big fan of yours on youtube. I’m a NY native and Adirondack boy at heart but would love to meet you at some point. Just recently I have gotten into the hammock and backpack camping but I am more then willing to learn more. If you are ever up in the area of Upstate Ny let me know and I will show you some other backwoods places.


  141. I just got in to backpacking this year. I went on a day hike to Red River Gorge back in March and came back super excited. I found your video in the Red on YouTube and have been watching your stuff ever since. I think what makes your channel good is your personality. You are not pretentious at all and open to tips/comments/suggestions when it comes to backpacking. There really is no “right” way to do this so I like that you lay out a bunch of information and let people decide what’s best for them.

    I have been to RRG 6 times now and made a trip to Manistee NF in Michigan for a weekend as well. I’m planning a trip to Dolly Sods here in the Fall. Just wanted to say thanks for the information and entertainment. Keep up the good work!

      • I’ve actually never hiked in Michigan. Not yet, at least. Looks pretty cool though – especially in fall. I’d be interested to hear how it goes!

      • Sorry FancyRamen! Hope you had a good trip. I’ll throw my advice in here anyway in case someone else takes a peak. I did the Manistee River Trail starting at the south of it going up to the top and back down. It was around ~20 miles. I hear the North Country part of the loop on the other side of the river is nice if you want to make a full loop but there are not many water sources and it’s more in the woods than following the river close. It was hot in Summer though so we wanted to stay closer to water which is why we didn’t do the loop. Good excuse to go back! Another bonus of doing an up and back instead of the loop is the people watching close to the river as folks float down it enjoying some adult beverages. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Adam, First off, i apologize for the late response. It’s nice to hear that you’ve found the videos helpful. The RRG really is an amazing place. If it weren’t so far of a drive, I’d be there a lot more, for sure. Sounds like you’ve got some awesome upcoming trips planned. Dolly Sods in the fall is going to be awesome – enjoy it!

  142. Enjoy the videos – here’s a series of state parks in TN that might be of interest to you. I’d like to check out “The Great Stone Door” – looks like something out of Lord of the Rings

  143. Syntax,

    I really like your videos! I found a really old post on backpackinglight.com about these ultralight titanium pot stands. I use one with my Toaks 750ml and Esbit burner. This guy named Gary Dunckel makes them as sort of a “hobby” from what I know. Shoot him an email if you’re interested (drzooz@aol.com). Anyhow, they’re the bee’s knees! Cost me a whopping $12. Check out this link – he can make them to your exact dimensions for whatever cooking apparatus you use.


    Tried to post a comment on your latest YouTube video (Maroon Bells Pt 1) but I don’t know if it worked…

  144. Hey Syntax,
    My name is Allen and I run a YouTube channel called Practical Survival with my brother Casey Evenson. We are planning a 5 night 6 day backpacking/ hammock camping trip in Yosemite National Park starting May 25th, 2017. We would like to invite you and Mike and your wives to join us. I know you’ve said on your videos that you’d like to see Yosemite. We only plan on doing 5 to 8 miles a day so it should be a pretty relaxing trip. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Allen Burns

  145. Hello Sintax77,
    We have a home in Stony Brook, which is off of Rte 16 (2 miles outside of Gorham and close to Dolly Copp, Wildcat and Pinkham notch. The Imp trail is essentially our back yard. We moved here in June and I’ve used your videos as the road map for our hikes this summer (already planning next summer based on your videos).
    So, if you guys need a place to stay versus the Gorham hotels, feel free to look us up. Our house is your house in the White Mountains.

  146. On one of your videos, I saw that Sarah was using a Big Agnes Qcore SLX. I was wondering how well it is holding up and if you would make a different choice if she was a side sleeper as I am! I think this will be my go-to sleeping pad but wanted to get yours and Sarah’s opinion on how well the pad is holding up! Thanks so much! Looking forward to more hiking videos!

    • That pad is actually holding up quite well and Sara still loves it for trips where tent sleeping is a must (like our desert southwest trips). It also works perfectly with our Amok Draumr hammock as well. If extra comfort and side sleeping are important to you, I feel it’s well worth the extra bit of weight. I would highly recommend it.

  147. Hey Sintax. I was wondering if you knew any good quality point and shoot cameras that are light to take backpacking. I am doing a 10 day trip in the White Mountains this summer (your videos gave me the itch to head up to NH) and wanted a good camera to capture some of the views. I do not know much about cameras so I wanted a simple one to operate but could get better pictures than my iPhone. Thanks!

  148. Hi sintax77 love the videos .im trying to choose a hammock for my self as a big guy 275 what kind of set up would you recommend? You ever thought about meeting up with some of your followers to do a overnight trip in VT or NH ? Thanks

  149. Good Evening,

    looking to upgrade my hammock. torn between the dream and Hennessy hammock. Ive seen in your videos you have used both. Curious of the pros and cons?
    looking to cut weight for all season.

  150. I have both hammocks and I must say that I have gone back to my Hennessy. Now having said that I will say the Dream Hammock with the solid zip top is great in the winter months with strong winds blowing, helps to keep warmth in but my Hennessy is more comfortable.

  151. Hi Sintax77, my husband and I love your videos I think we have watched all of them by now πŸ™‚ We started hiking and backpacking about six years ago right after we got married and it has become our way of escaping reality. We love watching your adventures especially your recent ones with your wife Sara.

    We are in the process of planning our summer vacation and are planning on taking a road trip up the eastern coast to Maine and wanted to see if you might have some recommendations for us. We have 17 days off work and will be driving from Lexington, KY. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, I am struggling as there are too many options.

    Thanks again!
    P.S. We love cheeseburgers too πŸ˜‰

  152. Myabe you can help me i bought a garmin oregon 600 and cant figure out how to get the maps from gpsfiledepot.com. i saw the sight on one of your youtube videos. tried following the instructions on the sight. Have you had any issues that maybe will help me navigate this issue.

  153. Hi mike and Sara,,

    Great job on your work here! Love seeing all the dif locations, plus understanding how you came to love backpacking. Similar to me as well, I was asked to go on a trip with my sons Boy Scout troop to Eagle Rock loop in Ark..( I know you do lot of loops… ck it online might be of intersect.. love love it) and I’ve been hooked ever since! Saw ur video on Sara’s first hammock trip and notice y’all’s water crossing, and that it was cold. Learned a tip from Joe at Zpacks ( love their stuff by way, bought backpack for Christmas 2015 , and am looking forward getting tent… ) he uses seal skin sock, with water shoes… as matter fact that’s all I hike in… used them at the Tetons last summer on the glacier on Paintbrush divide … works great .. check them out.

    Anyways keep up the great work!!

    Dennis ( Mark) Pixton

    Gray , La.

  154. There’s an article on the Presidentials in Winter in the Kennebec Journal that I think you would enjoy, “A Hiker Puts His Life In Mother Nature’s Hands Taking On The Presidential Transverse In Winter.” I’m originally from New England and still read the news. Article was posted Feb 2, 2017.

  155. Hey Sintax77, I’ve been following your videos for some time now and really enjoy them. I like that you’re from the area, near Philly, and go to a lot of the same places I’d go or have been to (Mt. Washington, etc.).

    I was looking at one of your videos, a SinChat Session, tonight, but I don’t think it was recent cause I cannot find it anymore. It was the one where you talked about negative trips or bad experiences, etc., during a trip. I wanted to share mine. I decided to hike to summit of Mt. Katahdin in Maine, with a friend who only needed jolly ranchers to keep him hydrated… Halfway through the hike he wanted/needed water. I gave him some of mine, he went on down the trail (never submitted), I ended up with heat sickness, almost heat stroke and almost fell several times down the mountain cause of not feeling right due to dehydration.

    Long story short, very important lesson learned. Made for a very memorable trip and lessons I’ll never forget.

  156. As a new and learning backpacker i have watched MANY you-tube vids related to backpacking, i must say that i have found yours to be the most informative and well done videos, you are able to follow a logic and organized presentation were others stumble and stutter you, i know this could be accomplished thru editing but you at least take the time to make them work. thanks for posting these vids and i look forward to watching more. if you come back to Arizona try Zinburger in Gilbert Az Great cheeseburgers.

  157. Hello, I love your channel! Since getting bit by the backpacking bug, I’ve learned a ton watching your videos…thanks!

    I need help with route planning. My younger brother and I took our older boys on our 1st annual BP trip to Shenandoah last Easter…your route! Loved Devil’s Stair Case. Our boys were 12 at the time. This year we are also taking our 10 year olds. I’m looking for a good, scenic route with reasonable elevation changes. (I don’t want to turn off the young ones with too much up and down.) My absolute favorite would be Grayson Highlands! However, my brother is driving from NJ and he’s afraid the drive is too long for 3 day / 2 night hike. Yes, he’s soft! He needs to watch your videos to truly understand road warrior suffering I live in NC, so we’re looking for something within 5 hours of one another.

    Any comments or recommendations you have would be greatly appreciated.

    BTW, I met the folks from Sawyer at OR last summer. I told them about your channel. I hope they contacted you.


  158. Great Channel – I realize you get lots of gear to try and would like your opinion. I’m in VT and section hiking the LT this summer and possibly into fall. I’m looking to upgrade my doublenest to either a halfwit or darien/raven. Also looking to ditch the pad and add either a full length or 3/4 quilt. I’d love to hear your opinions on my options. Budget is flexible. Thanks a bunch!

  159. What’s up dude? Love the videos, fun to watch and pretty informative. I’m planning a hike in May up in New Hampshire. I saw your Black Angel trail video, I plan to start off on the Baldface loop and possibly branch off onto the Eagle Link and Wild River trails towards the Black Angel. Two main questions, do you have any good advice for an early spring hike in the Whites, and also where’s the best cheeseburger joint to hit after the hike? Happy trails brother!

  160. I’ve been watching and enjoying your videos for a couple of years now and in fact I subscribe to your YouTube channel. I’ve gotten some great tips and gear suggestions (I’m now the proud owner of a Dream Hammock Darien).

    I think the next logical step is for you and your “lovely wife Sara” as you never fail to refer to her as (smart man!) to have kids to show us that EVEN THAT can’t slow you down. It also opens up a whole new area of gear to test/buy/use like the Osprey Poco and the Piggyback Rider (both of which we have in our family).

  161. Hey Sintax, I was wondering if you had any videos, or could make a video to show how you rig up/pack your bear bag?

  162. Hey Sintax, first off let me say love you channel. Keep it up! Love your perspective always keepin it real! Question for you? I’m from your neck of the woods, south jersey to be specific. I’m just getting into backpacking. I would love some tips on how to find some long day hikes and or over nighters for a beginner. If you have any recommendations I would appreciate the help.

  163. Heading to Dolly Sods in a few weeks.. Gonna leave the tent at home and hang from the trees for the first time thanks to you and Shug. Thanks for what you do.

    I’d love some quicker trips right around the Wilmington area.. what are your recommendations for quick 2 day trips?

  164. Hey Sintax, love the videos, specifically the Pemi Loop. When I moved away from NH to California I missed the mountains and your videos made the move easier. I’m now in the Philly area and looking to get into backpacking trips rather than just day hikes. At 6’4″ I don’t quite fit in all tents, but do you have a general rule that you use when deciding if a tent will be long enough? Do you have any suggestions for good places around the Philly area for backpacking trips for newbies?

  165. Hi Sintax! Greetings from the Philippines!! I probably watched all of your backpacking videos and I learned a lot from them although some of them are not really applicable to this very hot and humid country. Mostly I learned how and what to prepare for a trip and to always expect the unexpected. And most importantly, just to chill and have fun! Keep it up and I am looking forward to your next uploads!

  166. Hey Sintax77, my name is Josh and I live up in mass, I’ve been watching your videos for sometime and have convinced me of the amazing benefits of going UL. I went from my first backpacking trip freshman year of high school taking over 45lb of gear(including 4 pairs of jeans!!) and I barely made it 5 miles to the shelter. 4 years since then I’ve come along way, i’ve been working on my 48 4,000fters in the white mountains (16 so far!) and have gotten my base weight down to 14.25lb! still not quite as light but at this point it’s just about getting lighter gear rather than taking out gear. Planning on a section hike of the 100 mile wilderness in August that i’m starting to plan for, but next time you plan on going to the whites or the greens I would love to join you this summer if you would consider it, I think it would be a great time. keep up the awesome channel.

  167. Morning,
    You should make a nice adventure out of devils path of the Catskills. Like 5 peaks serious elevation changes and a pretty challenging terrain 28 miles.

  168. So, we’re heading down to the Seneca Rocks area this weekend. Looking for a good trip that the kids can do, 5 – 7. Short mileage, easy terrain. Can you recommend anything?


  169. watched your “backpacking during hunting season” in today’s world, it should be “hunting on public land” with REI, Field & Stream , Cabels, ect. there are so many people in the woods, hunters must resort to private land, where there should be no hikers in get in their way. really man.

  170. Fun and informative stuffs Sintax77 , have throughly enjoyed all your time and effort it takes to produce all this content. I know your a busy man with all that goes on but, would you consider a follow up video on the Amok Dramur 3.0. Preferably out on a trip, maybe one of your casual trips so the weight / bulk is not an issue for you. I too started with a Hennessy A Sym maybe 8 or10yrs back. Must admit i only have about 25-30 nights in it. If you have a Patreon account i would be happy to support for the content or let me know the best way to support the channel. Thanks for taking the time to consider this possibility and hope you can get back out soon !

    • Hi Ian,

      That’s a great idea. I actually just recently tested a “regular” gathered end hammock made by Amok and it got me thinking about taking the Draumr out on a laid back type trip again some time. After reading you’re message, I just may have to do that!

  171. Hello from Australia. I have watched every video you have posted and you have got my partner and I excited to go hiking more. We are moving to Canada soon and thinking of doing the AT thru hike. When we are up there it would be awesome if we could catch up along the way. Keep posting vids loving the work.

  172. You have hiked past a lot of great fishing water. Have you thought of fishing any of it or making a hike based around fishing. I am a fly or tenkara fisher and would never get far around good water.

  173. Hey Sintax77!

    Just curious what wrist watch you currently use? I think I have seen a few different ones across your various videos but don’t recall you mentioning the make/model. Any feedback on the various watches you have/had would be much appreciated. Thanks a bunch!

  174. Hey Sintax77
    i love watching you videos and cant wait till my son is old enough so i can take him out on some 2-3 day trips.I also want to see what your thoughts are on the Spot gps you use. Have you had any issues using it. I am thinking about buying one and any advice or tips you can offer on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  175. Hey Sintax77,
    I am interested in winter camping even though I presently live in SW Florida. Do you have a recommendation on thermometers to use which record the min and max termperatures during the nights? Also interested in thermometers that include an altimeter, barometer and the time of day.

  176. Hooked on your videos, especially the ones in red river gorge. I live less than an hour from there. I’m 52 and never slept in a hammock but watching you do it has made me want to.

  177. Fun videos and cool reviews, how could I contact you to see if you would maybe like to review my new product? I would love to tell you all about my eco project on Amazon for Xmas πŸ™‚


  178. Hey! I see that you now use a cameleon hammock from dutchware, a quick question, how tall are you? I just bought a cameleon and seem to have a problem with calf ridge. Ive heard that it can be due to height, i am 5’11, not sure if its because of the way im setting it up or if im too tall for the hammock.


  179. been hooked on your videos recently… I have been wanting to get from just hiking into more backpacking trips, in particular hammock camping. Your videos have been inspiring me to just get out there. And sharing the ones with Sarah in them to get my GF in the mood as well. If you ever get out to WA state, let’s hit some trails!

  180. I was wondering if you ever figured out a good tarp to take when you and Sara go hammock camping using the Dutch spreader bar yet? I’m trying to figure out the same but no luck yet.


  181. Sintax I noticed that you no longer carry your Osprey hornet. Did you give up on it. About the hornet if someone had the opportunity to get one off Craigslist, eBay, or another location would you suggest it or go with another light weight backpack.

    • The Hornet served me well for many years. If you can pick one up for a decent price, I’d say go for it. My wife got me the ULA Ohm 2.0 as a gift after some extensive research, and it’s replaced the role of the Hornet for me now days. It’s a handful of ounces heavier than the Hornet, but it’s got at least 15L extra space, it’s a bit more rigid for heavier cool weather loads, and the biggest difference for me – the shoulder pads are much more substantial than the Hornet, which I find helps a lot. Like I aid, though – the Hornet was a solid pack and incredibly light.

  182. Hey there Sintax, huge fan of the channel and big backpacker myself. Was wondering if you ever put any thought into Nantahala area in North Carolina. Personally it’s my favorite, especially the standing Indian loop which consists of a big chunk of the AT. It would make an incredible video, trust me. I suggest you check It out.

    • Thanks, Ray. I don’t believe I’d heard of that before, but I’ll have to check it out. Sounds pretty cool. Good looking out!

  183. Hi Sintax, Sara and Denali! My 9 year old daughter and I love your YouTube channel, although, total disclosure, my daughter prefers the videos with Sara and Denali! Quick question for you … I’m a dayhiker that is making the move into backpacking, any suggestions on good starter/weekend/overnight hikes in the area. I’m also a Delawarean, so something close that I can make a quick trip Friday after work or Saturday morning, hike out a few miles, spend the night, come home Sunday … and still be close to home just in case!? Thanks!

  184. Following you for quite sometime now, keep up the good stuff. What do you use or have reviewed as far as ABC watches, backpacking thermometers/ barometers etc? I’ve been looking for a weather device on the trail.
    I’m near Annapolis Maryland, so its great to see you doing trips to places where I can check out that aren’t 10 plus hours of driving away. Introducing my 12 year old and we are planning our backpacking trips (with hammocks of course) this spring.

  185. Hey Sintax,

    Love the channel. Keep up the good work! Next time you’re up in New England check out the Carter-Moriah Range in the White Mountains. Some of the best profile views of the Presidential’s can be seen from there. You can stay at Imp campsite and/or the Carter Notch hut if you’re into that sort of thing.


  186. Hey guys great videos!!! I was wondering what gps system that you use and the watch you wear. My wife and I are getting into backpacking. We have a trip coming up to Joshua tree and Sedona and I feel the gps would be useful. Thanks so much Samuel from Pennsauken NJ

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