Backpacking Water Storage – Nalgene, Disposable, or Hyrdration Bladder?

What’s the best backpacking water storage option for you? Nalgene, disposable, or hydration bladder?

Hiking & Backpacking Water Storage Options shown in the video:

Standard Nalgene 1 liter bottle (glow in the dark model)
Nalgene Canteen 1 liter
Camelbak Eddy Insulated .6l Bottle (Magenta)
Surplus GI Canteen 1 liter

1 liter disposable water bottle
16oz disposable water bottle
Gatorade Bottle 1 Liter

Osprey Hydraform Reservoir – 2 liter
EMS water bottle carrier (fits standard 1 liter Nalgene bottle) , insulated

2 thoughts on “Backpacking Water Storage – Nalgene, Disposable, or Hyrdration Bladder?

  1. Another well done and informative video. Only thing I’d add is the use of the nalgene as a hot water bottle for sleeping in winter. Also, what do you use for your water storage once you make camp?

  2. Good call on the hot water bottle. I actually did that for the first time on a winter trip in the Presidentials last week – worked great and kept the feet nice and warm. For camp storage, I usually just load up a few Sawyer pouches and filter as need in the warmer months. In the winter I just carry 2 1 liter Nalgenes plus a backup disposable 1 liter bottle and melt snow as needed.

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