Cabin Trip – Pennsylvania Buck Season 2012

So we tried our luck again during the 2012 Rifle Deer Season in Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Each year after Thanksgiving, Whiterook85, CampCook, Chairman, and I head up to ‘Camp Go Time’ for a few days of deer hunting. Well, it’s mostly comprised of generator powered movies, trash talking, good beer, good times, and plenty of good eats prepared by CampCook, rather than monster bucks, but that’s fine by us…

2 thoughts on “Cabin Trip – Pennsylvania Buck Season 2012

  1. So I have watched most of ( and enjoyed) your youtube hiking vids. I am slowly getting back to backpacking after a 40 year hiatus. One question on this vid – is the Montbell the ex light or the UL Down Inner Parka. I ask because I think it is the latter ( because of the hood) and I am thinking of getting that model. What is your opinion of it?

    • You’re correct, it’s the Montbell UL Down Parka shown in the “Snow Hiking Vermont” video. I accidentally labeled it the ex-light in the gear list, but thanks to your post, I’ve corrected it.

      I’ve had it since December and I really like it so far. This was my first true hiking use for it, and it performed very well. I was originally looking at the ex-light, because of the lower weight, but I’m glad to have the Parka vesrion instead. I’m into lightweight gear, but not to an extreme level, so the extra 2-3 ounces wasn’t a major factor for me. Those extra ounces give me a full hood and some nice zippered pockets.

      Speaking of the hood, to save wieght there is no draw string system, just a small velcro strap on the top of the hood. Suprisingly, this works very well combined with the shape that the hood is already sewn in. On me, it closes in around the face nicely when zipped all the way up. They definately put some thought into the design here.

      The warmth is pretty expceptional considering the sub 8oz weight and compactness. As seen in the video, I was doing camp chores in 15-20 degree temps wearing just the parka as an outer layer for a good hour or so before raelizing I wasn’t wearing my outer layer. One note though: this was during a period of low wind. Wind will definately go through it, but combined with a hard shell outer layer, it’s good to go. When choosing a size, I would lean towards smaller rather than larger, as you will mostly be using it underneath of something else, or possibly alone.

      I’ve also gave it a decent amount of “domestic” use prior to taking it in the wild, and I’ve really grown to love it. In fact that’s part of the reason I justified it’s price verses other pieces of gear in my collection. I don’t wear my sleeping bag to the grocery store much, but a good jacket will get plenty of use. I took actually the Montbell parka as a carry-on item for a recent flight between Philly and Las Vegas. Obviosuly, there was a major temp differnce between the two locals, and it was nice to be able to stow it neatly and show up in Vegas without a snow suit on.

      Overall, I think it’s quality, well made piece of gear, and I’m quite happy with it.

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