DIY Ultralight Titanium Cook Pot Alternative

A low cost, ultralight Titanium cook pot alternative for backpacking that you can make yourself?  In this video, we’ll take a look at a lightweight, inexpensive (okay, pretty much free, if you like coffee) backpacking cook pot that you can make from a Chock full’o Nuts Coffee can.

6 thoughts on “DIY Ultralight Titanium Cook Pot Alternative

  1. As always nicely done. Wondering what is the proper name (and what is it’s intended use) of what you call “reflectives” so I can ask for it at the hardware store.

    • The brand name is Reflectix. I picked up a pretty big roll (basically a lifetime supply for these smaller projects) for $15 at Lowes in the insulation aisle.

  2. Awesome info all around, really appreciate it!

    I have one question, whats the best food storage method when hiking during the winter overnight so your food doesn’t freeze and you keep it away from animals..

    • I go the bear bag route and keep it simple – just a 13 gallon trash bag, 25 feet of paracord and a single carabiner for attachment. For longer trips, you might justify the weight of a “real” bag, but for 2 – 4 day trips I find this to work and the weight is very minimal. Keep in mind though, I usually hike where there are plenty of trees. If trees are sparse but bears are not, then you’ll probably want to look into getting a bear canister (basically a bear proof can that sits right on the ground). In fact, some areas have regulations that actually require a bear can to be used, but I haven’t personally had to use one yet.

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