First Look – Apex Tarp Shelter by GO! Outfitters

Taking a look at my second item from GO! Outfitters, the Apex Tarp Shelter.

This is an 11′ x 9.5′ 70D Polyester Tarp that comes standard with 6 aluminum stakes and 8 guy-lines which can be configured in a variety of ways in conjunction with the Apex tarp’s 20 tie-out points. Personally, I’ll probably tie permanent lines to the 4 main corners and use removable a removable setup (either via larks head or hardware, like Dutch Hookworms) for the remaining lines for maximum adaptability on the fly.

**A note on the side middle side tie-outs: The official production model has the middle tie-outs on each side, unlike the configuration seen in this video. I believe this was simply due it being a pre-production model.

The tarp itself weighs 20 oz. Included guy-lines and aluminum stakes weigh a total of 8 ounces. I can see this tarp work great with any of my current camping hammocks, or as a nice stand alone shelter for minimalist ground sleeping situations. Color options are Forest Green, as seen and Slate Grey. There are also plans for an additional door kit as well, which may shed some light on the importance of those extra tie-out points on each side.

For full specs and the latest details, check out their Apex Shelter Kickstarter Page.

One thought on “First Look – Apex Tarp Shelter by GO! Outfitters

  1. I’ve been watching your videos for a couple of months now. Awesome vids! You got me wanting to try hammocks now. I thought about just getting one from Wal-Mart. Twenty bucks. I know it’s not going to be light or come with all bells and whistlesand probably not great quality. But for twenty bucks would you recommend just to see if it’s worth it for me to invest in ultra light later? Also what have you finally settled on four your complete hammock set up? Does your complete kit all fit in the snake skins? .keep it up man. Keep the videos coming.

    Pensacola, Florida

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