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Any regular business envelope (size A10) should work fine. The stickers are 7.5″ x 3.5″

36 thoughts on “Free Stickers!

  1. man I have followed all your vids and post. I gotta say you have been life changer. I cant wait to get one of these stickers and stick it on my truck. hope to see more vids glad you and sarah had fun. BTW you also have my 8 year old daughter into hiking we are gonna do red river gorge this summer

  2. Your sticker arrived this week. Got it on the back of the car…..
    Like your vids,they encourage me to get out and hike and do some camping….but I don’t drive for ten hours to get there or hike 60 miles 😉
    Keep the vids coming !

  3. hey Sintax,
    I love watching watching your videos! you are very knowledgable about everything you own and use. i am just curious, in your most recent video where you and wife go backpacking in Thorton hollow. In that video you show a watch you have attached to your bag. just curious what model it is? does it have a built in compass? i am looking into something similar myself so I was just wondering what you carry!


  4. I love wacth you. you got my wife and me into hiking and sleeping in a hammock we love it. We are learn so much for you thack you

  5. Hey was in the Whites 4th of July weekend was mobbed there. Was planning on camping at zeland pond but was not to nice so we went to your pemi campsite 5 waypoint. Thanks for taking th time to mark it! Just wanted to tell your efforts are not for nothing.

    From there we bushwacked off Bond to Bear pond then climbed up a slide very close to pemi CS 5. I Know you looking for a trip up there if you want ill send tracks to you.


  6. Hey Sintax. Just wanted to check on the status on some stickers. I tried to find a contact section, but couldn’t find one. Feel free to shoot me your email or direct me where to go in the contacts. Not trying to be pushy or anything, just super anxious to get those stickers and have everybody stop and ask me about cheeseburger time.

    • Hi William,

      Just checking if you’ve gotten them yet? Or if not, do you remember roughly when you sent it in? I stopped by the post office about mid last week and sent back a handful of everything recieved, so hopefully you were in that batch. If not, your letter may be in my box now. I’ll know tomorrow when I drop by the post office again.

      • The winter snow and the summer heat have taken their toll on my last set of stickers, so I’ll be sending a SASE over to you this week.

        Thanks in advance!

  7. Sintax77 and/or wife. The stickers I received were in pretty horrific shape! Like they had been caught in a conveyor belt or something? What are chances of getting replacement? JT

  8. Hey sintax 77,
    Just wanted to say I enjoy the videos, especially the ones with you and your friends very funny. It’s been along time but I use to do a lot of hiking and camping when I was a teen. Things have really changed in camping and hiking over 20 years, but I’m trying to get back into it . Your videos are very helpful and enjoyable, Thanks. I live about an hour from the Smokeys. I have seen the video where you were hiking and camping there.Just wondered if you have ever hiked and camped Mount LeCont. I have been there in the winter when I was a kid and it was amazing. Thanks and see ya on the trail!

  9. Love the videos- you seem real and authentic and just being yourself even making a few mistakes/blunders along the trail as we all do, and people pick up on that so that’s a big reason I enjoy watching, hey not to mention the comradery between you and Sara or you and your friends and even when you are solo is engaging because it’s a slice o’ life and doesn’t seem staged or rehearsed…..mmmm, rambling now…..but also wondering how you got your wife into it because mine is more into day hikes and car camping which is fine but I love back packing bc there’s just nothing like it so keep the vids coming my friend cuz I’ve got my wife watching them too and I think just maybe she’s getting closer to being ready (she only has boots presently no pack,etc). I’ve been bp’ing for over 40 years mainly RRG and the Smokies since I’m in Louisville. Lastly, if you ever get out to Colorado check out the Weminuche Wilderness in SW CO, largest wilderness area in the state and plenty of room for solitude as long as you avoid the Chicago Basin where everybody especially climbers takes the narrow gauge RR out of Durango north to Elk Park TH. Did a 7 day trip in the north central part (through Creede) Squaw Creek trail in…..SUBLIME….oops rambling again! Thanks again Sintax77 and happy trails. Dony

  10. Are the stickers still available? I just got a new truck and have a spot on the back window to show my support 🙂 Thank you for all the videos you do, they really help me get through the work week at times until i can get on a hike.

  11. Hey Sintaxx,
    I’m a beginner backpacker but in pretty good shape. I am more of a camp chiller but I’m looking for a nice three-day backpacking trip that’s not over 30 miles. I live close to Towson, MD so I’m close to good trails. I know you can’t make fires in Shenandoah and I’m looking to go in the beginning of October so hopefully you can give me another idea. Thanks for you great vids. I’m learning quite a bit.


    • If you’re looking for some hikes that are outside the confines of SNP for fires etc, I can think of two options off the top of my head. The first, and highly recommended, would be Dolly Sods in West Virginia. From Towson, It’s probably about an an extra hour of driving compared to SNP, but it’s an amazing area. You can also pretty much camp and have camp fires without any restrictions. I’ve made 3 videos in that area that may help give you a better idea of the experience. The option that comes to mind would be George Washington NF, just to the west of Shenandoah NP. I haven’t personally backpacked there, other than a canoe camping trip, but from looking at , there seems to be a good handful of hikes listed for the region.

  12. Love your vids! Anywhere you’ve posted labeled diagram of your ultimate lines/connections for hammock & tarp hangs? Inexperienced and learning a lot from you – thanks 🙋

  13. Sintax:
    Just watched your Cranberry Wilderness video (and all the other ones as well! Even my wife has gotten into watching them with me)
    I am planning a trip with my brother and some friends there Oct 14th-16th. Any chance you’ll be getting back there that weekend???

    I really love the information you provide in the videos in your own geeky way! I have taken more than a few notes to improve my trip. The fact that you don’t edit out mistakes makes your trips realistic, It doesn’t have to ruin the whole hike.

    I will be sending a SASE for one of your stickers!!!

    Keep the videos coming!

    Until the next “cheeseburger time”…


    • Thanks, Dan. I’m glad you’re enjoying the vids. Mid-October actually kicks off deer season here in Delaware, so I’ll be spending most of my free days doing that for the next couple months, before gearing up for some winter hiking trips, but I appreciate the invite. I really do need to get back down to the Cranberries one of these days though – it’s an awesome place to explore and relax. Enjoy it!

      P.S. I’ll keep my eye out for the envelope 🙂

  14. Syntax
    I appreciate the work you put into your videos. Very little hiking I have ever done, but have done some. An avid hammock camper for 4-5 years & hang on my farm with wife & Grandboys a couple times a month in cooler weather. Retired 3&1/2 years ago @ 59&1/2 with bladder cancer. Bought my wife & I complete hiking outfits in anticipation of getting into it but my health issues have prevented it. I have been watching your videos for the last 3 days recovering from my 5th operation. Hoping to get started soon. It’s so good to see you with Mike & wives & friends enjoying life. I enjoy seeing y’all figuring it out as you go along with planning & preparation. Keep on doing what you love & I’ll watch & maybe get to do some hikes with my Wife of 44 years.

    Robert from TN.

    • Hi, Robert. So sorry to hear about the health complications. Keep those hiking outfits in short reach though! You’ll be back at it before you know it. Besides, it’s getting a bit cold now, so it’s a great time to take a season or so off, before getting out there 😉

  15. Hey sintax, just wanted to stop by and say thanks for all your great videos. Been following for a while now. Especially in the whites where I spend most my backcountry time in. Hoping to one day bump into you out on the trail.
    Cheers buddy.

  16. Hey Sintax! Just watched your most recent video and was thinking about some places I know of that are good for backpacking. Although I don’t live on the east coast, I’d highly recommend the Eagle Cap Wilderness in eastern Oregon if you’re ever looking to make a trip out west! Great views and great trails! Good luck on this next one though! Love your videos!!

  17. Research ‘East Coast trail’… it’s a 540+ km trail system that hugs rugged coast line along Newfoundland, Canada. Surrounded by amazing beauty. A true hikers paradise – this place will blow your socks off 😉 – you’re welcome haha

  18. Hi Sintax! Greetings from the Philippines!! I probably watched all of your backpacking videos and I learned a lot from them although some of them are not really applicable to this very hot and humid country. Mostly I learned how and what to prepare for a trip and to always expect the unexpected. And most importantly, just to chill and have fun! Keep it up and I am looking forward to your next uploads!

  19. Do you have any videos about how you pack our gear when you have to take a flight? Flying to Utah and pretty concerned about them taking gear that supposedly is allowed.

  20. hello there been checking out REI Quarter Dome Bridge Hammock and Warbonnet Ridge Runner Hammock I have not see you do any testing on then if you don’t mind giving me your insight on then

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