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Sintax77 Podcast Episode #1 ft. Sara – Our Trip to Utah, Canyonlands, Arches NP, and Wasatch National Forest.

For this episode, Sara and I discuss our recent flight to Utah for an overnight backpacking trip and some touristy activities.  We go over airplane packing issues and strategy as it relates to backpacking, registering campsites in the Needles District via the National Parks online reservation system, our experience with Moab and Arches National Park, and some day trips to the Wasatch National Forest outside of Salt Lake City.  Actually, we pretty much walk through our whole experience from Philadelphia airport all the way to the high deserts of Utah.

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10 thoughts on “Sintax77 Podcasts

  1. Hey sintax77, I got your email and invite to subscribe. Just wondering if there is a cost? Enjoyed the video of you and Sara when she got her new back pack. Very funny but also educational.

  2. What about bears? How vigilant do you have to be about them? I noticed Mike carries a sidearm. is it for that purpose(or is it for the 2 legged predators as well haha) I would like to do some camping on my own in the wilderness areas but bears do concern me. Thoughts?

  3. Sintax, I have a question, Why did you go with the Hammock Gear Cuben Fiber tarp rather than Zpacks cuben fiber tarp? I am asking because I am trying to decide between the 2 at the moment. Any input would help.

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