SinChats – Sintax77 on the ‘Hang Your Own Hang’ Podcast

I recently had the opportunity to do an appearance on a relatively new podcast geared towards those of use who prefer to sleep above the ground.  About a month or two ago, the hosts, Jonathan and Mark, sent me an invite to do an in person recording while Jonathan was not to far from my hometown on business.  In the time since, I’ve actually listened to all of their podcasts so far and have been enjoying the opportunity to listen to an outdoors podcast that really focuses on hammock camping specifically.

So far, they’ve had some pretty cool guest from the hammock camping industry / scene, including Tom Hennessey, Dutch from Dutchware Gear, Shug Emery, and Derek Hanson.  From talking to Jonathan, it sounds like they’ve got even more interesting guests lined up for the rest of 2016, so it should make for some good listening in the future.  Hopefully my appearance doesn’t pull that curve down too far  😉

For the SinChats video, I take a little trip down memory lane of the various talk radio shows and podcasts that I’ve enjoyed and been influenced by over the years, along with a discussion of camping and backpacking specific podcasts that are available out on the internet.  So, what are your favorite outdoor, camping, or backpacking podcasts?

Visit the official Hang Your Own Hang Podcast website to stream or download the episode.



2 thoughts on “SinChats – Sintax77 on the ‘Hang Your Own Hang’ Podcast

  1. Hey Sintax great podcast and I have been watching your videos religiously lol. Thanks for getting me back into backpacking! If you have any group hikes planned for October I would love to join your posse. After watching your cranberry wilderness video me and my pops are doing that hike in June. Thanks for the great videos!


    • Thanks, Ryan! I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos and getting back into backpacking. That’s awesome that you’re going to be hitting the Cranberry Wilderness – you’re gonna love it!

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