SinChats – Spot Gen3 GPS Tracker Reliability & Thoughts

My thoughts & experience with the Spot Gen3 GPS tracking device. 

In this weekly update video I answer a common question posed in my comment sections: How do you like the Spot Gen3 Tracker and is it reliable? My only experience is with the Spot Gen3 device, not the Spot Gen2 device, but I try my best to offer some feedback and insight on both.

One thought on “SinChats – Spot Gen3 GPS Tracker Reliability & Thoughts

  1. I have a spot 2 and love it. I really like being able to set up different “profiles” contact lists that it sends to based on the trip I’m taking, especially when I’m leading a group. It also allows for setting up public/private maps for users to follow your trek without receiving alerts. The reliability issues I have not had. I use the custom one for a “I’m delayed for some reason but OK”. I HIGHLY recommend putting in the profile for sos your emergency stats like height/weight/haircolor/bloodtype/experience level etc to give rescuers a better idea of who they’re looking for.

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