Sara Goes to Ireland Pt 3 – Travel Tips, Castles & Temple Bar

Join Sara & I as we travel around Ireland.

For the third day of our travel adventure in Ireland, we share some Ireland travel  tips over breakfast, then head south from Dublin, towards the Wicklow Mountains and Lough Tay (Loch Té in Irish) for a day of exploration, followed by a night on the town in Dublin’s Temple Bar district.  Along the way, we discover some ancient castles, one in ruins, the other still standing (complete with a functioning moat).

Itinerary for Day 3

    • Have some coffee & porridge in our hotel room at the Clontarf Castle Hotel, Dublin.
    • Head south on the highway towards the Wicklow Mountains
    • Visit Lough Tay and the surrounding forests.
    • Picnic along the River Liffey near the Ballysmuttan Bridge.
    • Head further south towards the town of Wicklow to visit the ruins of Black Castle.
    • Head north back towards Dublin, visiting Drimnaugh Castle along the way.
    • Visit Dublin’s famed Temple for for some bangers and mash & and pint of Guinness.
    • Return to the Clontarf Castle Hotel for some drinks at the Knight’s Pub before heading of to bed upstairs.

Stay tuned for part four, where we head into Dublin one final time for an early morning visit to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, followed by a hearty breakfast at the Dublin Airport, before heading back home to the states.