SinChats – Spot Gen3 GPS Tracker Reliability & Thoughts

My thoughts & experience with the Spot Gen3 GPS tracking device. 

In this weekly update video I answer a common question posed in my comment sections: How do you like the Spot Gen3 Tracker and is it reliable? My only experience is with the Spot Gen3 device, not the Spot Gen2 device, but I try my best to offer some feedback and insight on both.

Renovo TRIO Water Filter – Sawyer Squeeze Killer?

Taking a first look at the Renovo TRIO Water Filtration System. Has the Sawyer Squeeze / Mini met it’s match? Time to do some testing…

UPDATE:  Following a large amount of comments and feedback on the YouTube video, I reached out to my contact, Bastian, at Renovo to share some of the feedback and questions that everyone was sharing.  In response, he created a FAQ page to address the most frequent questions at

Specs and Water Filter Description as per Manufacturer:

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