Backpacking Clothes – What I Wear & Pack

A discussion on clothing choices for backpacking, hiking & camping trips.

In this video, I’ll go over each backpacking clothing item that I’ll be wearing for an upcoming backpacking trip, as well as spare and alternate clothing options that I’ll be packing for the hike.

These are pretty much the same clothes take I would take on just about any 3-season hiking trip.

Backpacking Clothes Seen in the Video (worn)

Synthetic short sleeve tee shirt
Synthetic long sleeve t-shirt
Convertible camp pants (zip-off shorts)
Baseball cap
Synthetic sport underwear
Darn Tough merino wool socks (quarter length)
Trail runners – Merell Moab Ventilator shoes
Gore-Tex trail runners – Adidas Terrex Swift-R shoes
Mid-top boots – Garmont Zenith GTX Mid
Cheap sunglasses

Backpacking Clothes Seen in the Video (packed)

Microfleece hat
Synthetic lightweight gym shorts
Long underwear (synthetic or merino wool)
Spare underwear (2 pair)
Spare Socks (1 pair)
Down parka
Dri-Ducks rain suit

5 thoughts on “Backpacking Clothes – What I Wear & Pack

  1. I pretty much wear and carry the same as you except different brands. Cheap rules except for pants, socks an puffy jacket. I recently switched fro Merrill Moab to Oboz Firebrand because of the poor durability of Merrill. Also the inner sole of the Merrill needed to be upgraded at purchase and the Oboz had a much better innersole that did not need to be upgraded.
    Just curious, do you keep fresh clothes in your car for after the hike. I keep a clean shirt and sandals so I can ditch some stink and mud. I also keep a couple of Starbucks frappuccinos on ice.

    • Yes, we’re on the same page with the post-hike items at the car. I usually have a grocery bag stuffed with some fresh clothes (usually of the cotton variety, just to get a break from all the polyester, haha) along with an energy drink or two, typically left over from the four pack that I bought for the ride up.

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