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3 “Luxury” Backpacking Gear items that I like to bring on Camping Trips.  

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I recently tagged by Restless Outdoors to make this video. You check his YouTube channel out here. 

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Winter Hammock Camping in the Smoky Mountains

Join me for 3 days of Winter Hammock Camping, Backpacking & Hiking in the Smoky Mountains. 

For this winter camping adventure, I’ll be doing a Gregory Bald Loop Hike, incorporating campsite 13 Sheep Pen Gap, campsite 113 Birch Spring Gap, and a hike to the Shuckstack Fire Tower.  This is my second backpacking trip to the Smokies, but due to the shorter winter days, ice, and snow, I’ll be slowing the pace down a bit compared to my previous hammock camping experience there.

Route Overview – Gregory Bald Loop – Sintax77

A backcountry permit is required for all campsites in this area. You can reserve them for $4 per night on the Smoky Mountains National Park website here.

Full GPS track data, including campsites, water sources, etc, for this trip and many others can be downloaded on my Trip Data Page.

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Gear for Winter Backpacking – Tips, Tricks & Budget Options

How to go Winter Backpacking. Cold Weather Camping Gear & options for every Budget.

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Winter Backpacking Gear Discussed

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Norway & Sweden with an RV – Hiking Road Trip

Join us as we Explore Sweden and the Fjords of Norway with a Motor Home.

For this hiking and travel adventure, we decided to rent an RV in Stockholm, Sweden with no set itinerary and just see where we ended up.  An we ended up pretty far from Stockholm, all the way to the fjords of south western Norway to be precise.

If you’re wondering why we didn’t just fly into southern Norway via Bergen Airport etc, the reason’s pretty simple.  We originally saw a great flight deal to Stockholm ($380 RT for all fees including baggage) so we scooped it up, no questions asked.  The plan was to just go to Stockholm and make some memories happen with minimal planning. Our first major decision was transportation once we got there, so we booked a VW van.  Unfortunately, there was a problem with the initial booking and it wasn’t available. But they did have some motor homes.  Having never done an RV trip, we figured what better time to start than in Scandinavia!  And so, a road trip was born.

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Sawyer Micro vs Katadyn BeFree – Flow Rate, Size, Weight & Gravity Filter Options

A detailed comparison of the Sawyer Micro Squeeze & Katadyn BeFree Water Filters for Backpacking, Hiking, and Camping.

For this backpacking gear review, I’ll be comparing two light weight, hollow fiber membrane water filters for ultralight backpacking – the Sawyer Micro Squeeze and the Katadyn BeFree.  Both of these filters are available in minimalist, personal use setups for solo hiking, as well as gravity water filter setups for group backpacking trips.  I’ll detail the specs, configuration options, features, and flow rates for both, along with my own personal experiences with these water filtration systems.

Both of these water filters are .1 micron, suitable for the majority of contaminates encountered in the greater North American region – cysts, bacteria (such as E. Coli, salmonella, leptospirosis, cholera, etc), and protozoa (such as giardia and cryptosporidium).  When combined with the Sawyer select system, the Saywer Micro also offers the ability to protect against viruses, chemicals, and heavy metals.

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Sneak Peak – Dutchware Pup Tent (Prototype)

A solution to Hammock Camping with your Dog?

In this backpacking gear video, I’ll be tinkering with a new prototype piece of hammock camping gear, the Dutchware Pup Tent.  Please keep in mind that this is a prototype that is still in development.  I’ll be checking out it’s features, setup options, and usage with my dog Denali.

I’m looking forward to keeping an eye on DutchwareGear.com from future developments.

Weight: 275 grams (9.7 oz) with the stuff sack.

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