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My thoughts on backpacking, hiking and camping during hunting season.

For this video I’ll discuss my experiences, thoughts and opinions on fall backpacking during hunting season.  Fall is one of my favorite times to hike and camp, and it also just happens to be hunting season in many parts of the country.  I just so happen to both hunt and backpack, so I figured I’d take to opportunity to share my thoughts on, from the perspectives of both a hunter and a minimalist backpacker.

Many of my thoughts on the topic are general in nature, but as I touch on in the video, I’m sure that experiences can vary a bit from region to region, so please feel free to share your own stories and thoughts on backpacking during hunting season in the comments section.

3 thoughts on “Backpacking During Hunting Season?! – SinChats

  1. I am not a hunter. I am a hiker/backpacker. My worst nightmare is getting past your 3 mile from road distance and setting camp. The next morning after coffee I go to relieve myself. Dig my hole. Drop my drawers. BLAM! Not a good day.
    I always wear orange and red jackets to be seen. Anybody that shoots me has done so intentionally. I agree that it is highly unlikely that hikers will get shot enjoying the trail. But it is a good idea to pay attention, wear bright colors and stay near the trail in hunting season.

  2. Definitely gives me more time in the back areas instead of walking from the standard base camp to field then back at key times I should be on location
    Food prep and gear getting lighter evey year the the 8 pound spotting scope of times past replaced by 25oz scope of today is easily packed up as well as lightweight stove and and ingenious freezer bag hydrating of dehydrated meals means more time HUNTING!!!

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