Blister Prevention – Sock Liners for Hiking

A discussion on using sock liners for preventing blisters while hiking.

After watching me deal with some blister issues in one of my prior backpacking videos, a very kind viewer sent me some sock liners to use on future trips to prevent blisters.  These are basically short nylon pantyhose that are worn as a base layer underneath of your primary hiking sock.  A big “thank you” to Mike H for sending me these, since I was procrastinating way too long on trying these out.

Have you found sock liners to be beneficial for preventing blisters?  Or perhaps you’ve got some other tips or tricks that you find helpful for preventing those pesky, fluid filled, hike ruiners?


2 thoughts on “Blister Prevention – Sock Liners for Hiking

  1. Many years ago when I first started hiking and backpacking, it was the norm to wear mid to heavyweight wool socks and liners. Never any blister issues. These days I will still use liners on longer hikes.

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