SinChats – What’s Your Backpacking Style? Mileage Killer or Camp Chiller?

What’s your Backpacking & Hiking Style?  Do you like to hike hard & pump out the miles, or do you prefer to spend spend more time at camp, or taking breaks at vistas?  Join in the discussion on this edition of SinChats.


Best Fuel Source for National Emergency?

What’s the best cooking fuel to store at home for several years in case of a national emergency?  That’s the question that subscriber, Tiehut, posed in the comments section of my YouTube Channel Page.  My opinion’s in the short video above, but more importantly, I’ll pass the question along to you.  So what’s your preference?  Feel free to post your ideas and opinions in the comment section of the video, or in the Forums section, here at, where I’ve created a new video topic (as I do for each new video).  We’ve had some great suggestions and tips so far, so keep them coming!