Feedback! White Mountains Backpacking Trip Ideas – 2 Nights & 3 Days of Hiking

Planning for a hiking & backpacking trip to the White Mountains National Forest, in New Hampshire.

My plan is to do a 3 day, 2 night Summer loop hike somewhere in the White Mountain National Forest, hiking around 10 – 15 miles per day, depending on trail conditions and possible camping spots.

I’m looking for feedback and ideas if you’ve got ’em!

8 thoughts on “Feedback! White Mountains Backpacking Trip Ideas – 2 Nights & 3 Days of Hiking

  1. Sounds like it’ll be a fun trip. Unfortunately, I’ve never hiked in the White Mountains so I can’t offer advice. But as always, I look forward to the videos.

    • Thanks, man. It’s one of my favorite places, for sure. I would recommend you check it out when you get a chance, but it looks like you’re in Korea now, so that’s probably easier said than done! I have a friend who lived in Korea for a bit, and he said there was actually a pretty strong hiking culture over there.

  2. Great videos, hope you had a good time in NH, after vermont it’s the nicest state I believe, hope to move up there some day. I wanted to tell you that I too live in PA, Ardmore PA, I always go up backpacking for a few days at a time along the AT and I am looking for others that are into it. I usually go up by 309 and also the palmerton area so if you are ever looking to go I am down for it, I go all year long but prefer the fall winter and spring as I can’t stand the hot summers, actually just went this weekend and said i will never hike during the summer again, at least not in the mid atlantic states that is. I am a 34 years old army veteran and also an avid hunter and am a pro 2nd amendment type person. Well feel free to email me if you are up for going backpacking or hunting as i would like to make friends with like minded people, sometimes its hard to find others that are into the outdoors these days. By the way this fall I plan to try a 2 or maybe even 4 week hike and attempt to do as much of the PA part of the AT as possible. My email is
    Look forward to hearing from you

    • Hey, man thanks for the kind words. The NH trip was a good time, so hopefully it will make a good video as well! A fall hike on the PA AT sounds like a good time, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Mike and I did that November AT trip up there a while back and it was really nice. Good views and no bugs! Speaking of hiking with others, my trips are usually pretty quick and sporadic. I do get requests via YouTube etc to join up with others, but I have blanket policy not to meet up with people I’ve met on the internet, just based on some previous experiences that others have had. I know what you’re saying about finding others who are into / available for hiking trips. That’s why so many of my trips end up being solo too.

      If you can’t find anybody already into it, I’d try to convert someone! Is there anyone cool at work etc that you might me able to drag out on a day-hike or two? That doesn’t really require them to buy any gear, but with a little luck (or arm-twisting), they may get the bug. Then they could take the plunge with some over-nighters on the AT or other local trails. Just some thoughts…

    • I can understand sintaxx position on meeting people and completely respect it. I on he other hand treywilly am always open to meeting new people, I just try and make sure to use common sense with judging others characters but like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise. Send me an email at and we can get in touch about doing some fall and winter backpacking. Thinking about splurging on a terranova voyager or ultra quasar tent soon and will need to break it in soon after. I want to try and long trip but also love doing one and two nighters and at a comfortable pace, I just enjoy spending time in the woods and camping in a tent. Look forward to hearing from you.
      Oh and Sintaxx keep posting your great and very informative videos, who knows we may just see each other on the AT one day, if we happen to run into each other please think of it as a coincidence and not a case of me being a stalker, hahahah

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