Katadyn BeFree Upgrade! – Larger Water Bag & Gravity Filter System

Using the Katadyn BeFree Water Filter with a HydraPak Seeker 2L Reservoir and Gravity Filter Tubing Setup.

After my previous review of the Katadyn BeFree water filter, I discovered and acquired a compatible water reservoir bag that would increase my filtering capacity to 2L – the HydraPak Seeker collapsible water bottle (also available in a 3 liter version).  The main challenge with the BeFree filter is finding a water bottle or reservoir with wide mouth 42mm threads, which the HyrdaPak has.

In the video I go over my thoughts and experiences using the Katadyn BeFree in conjunction with the HydraPak Seeker 2L and Sawyer Squeeze 64 oz Pouch as part of a gravity water filter system, as well as a stand alone squeeze style system using just the HydraPak Seeker and BeFree.

System Components Seen in the Video

Katadyn Befree Water Filter With Hydrapak 0.6L Collapsible Flask
Hydrapak Seeker 2L Water Storage Bag, Mammoth Grey (for dirty water)
Sawyer Inline Adapters for Screw On Filters
1/4″ Food Grade Plastic Tubing
Sawyer Squeeze Bag – 64 oz Pouch (for clean water)

2 thoughts on “Katadyn BeFree Upgrade! – Larger Water Bag & Gravity Filter System

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh!
    I recently upgraded from the Sawyer mini to the Sawyer squeeze after watching your videos.
    Now I find out that the Befree is better and can even be hung as a gravity system.
    My head is going to explode!
    Just kiddin.
    Chasing the latest greatest equipment is like chasing unicorns. You never quite feel satisfied. If I am solo a few seconds or a half ounce saved is irrelevant. If I am with a group they can squeeze their own water.
    Your reviews are excellent and influential. I value your opinion and when I am ready to upgrade or replace equipment you are the go to man. Keep up the great reviews.

  2. Hi Syntax77,

    Thank you for this helpful video. Perhaps I am missing it, English is not my mother tongue, but was the air sucking happening because the Sawyer inline adapter was not correctly built, or is this just by design and do you need to mod the adapter?

    To be clear, one would *always* need to mod the Sawyer inline adapter to prevent the sucking of air?

    Anyway, nice versatile and lightweight setup. Thanks for sharing!



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