Mail Call – Camping Stove Types & Fuel Options, Mid Layers for Winter, Where’s Sara?!

In this episode, we go deep on the subject of Camping & Backpacking Stoves. Stove Models, Fuel Types, Winds Screens and more with a heavy emphasis on Cold Weather Winter Camping Stoves as well.

Topics Discussed / Gear Seen

  • Facebook Live Event! hang out with me live on Katadyn’s FB Page – Thursday 2/15/17 at 1pm
  • One solo winter backpacking trip down (PA Appalachian Trail), one to go (White Mountains snow camping).
  • Am I coming back to the southwest for some desert camping?
  • Mid layer clothing for winter backpacking.
  • Military Surplus Micro Fleece Jackets
  • Packable down jackets (down jacket seen – Montbell UL Down Parka)
  • Camping Stove Choices for 3-season and Winter Backpacking, colder temps etc.
  • Camping Stove fuel choices.
  • My new stove – Optimus Polaris Optifuel
  • Where’s Sara?!

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One thought on “Mail Call – Camping Stove Types & Fuel Options, Mid Layers for Winter, Where’s Sara?!

  1. I have a quick question. I have been backpacking for awhile, but am thinking about transitioning to a hammock. I have always wondered what the biggest change will be. My first thought is always, “this is a lot more stuff (i.e., separate items like a tarp, hammock, suspension, underquilt, quilt) to carry and does it all pack down smaller than the previous stuff (I.e., tent, quilt, pad).” Then I wonder about weight, even if it does take up the same amount of room, how much more does all that weigh, obviously I can go Cuban fiber eventually, but the first tarp will probably be over a pound.

    I’d be interested to know your thoughts on the matter and to hear the topic of liters/actual relative pack space that gets taken up by the shelter and sleep system when comparing the two.

    For back info, I’m currently trying to decide if I would rather begin working towards a hammock setup or go the extreme lightweight tent setup with the Zpacks Solplex.

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