Map Choices & Route Planning for Backpacking and Hiking

A look at the resources, strategies & map options that I utilize for trip planning my backpacking and hiking adventures.

Items seen on the table:

DeLorme PN-60 GPS unit
AMC Maps: Waterproof & Tear-Proff / Regular Paper (Appalachian Mountain Club)
AMC Guidebook: Maine Mountain Guide
GMC Long Trail Map (Green Mountain Club)
National Geographic Trail Maps for Various Regions
Backpacker Magazine
DeLorme Topo 9.0 Software
‘The A.T Guide’ A Handbook for Hiking the Appalachian Trail by David “AWOL” Miller
Various Topographical Software Map Print-Outs\
Salter Kitchen Scale
Websites Visited:

4 thoughts on “Map Choices & Route Planning for Backpacking and Hiking

  1. Hey man, have you ever looked at ?

    I love it. you can get GPS maps like a hundred times better/more detailed than any crap you buy from Garmin. I used an overlay for the white mountains when I traversed them last summer and the bodies of water/summits/trails were all spot on. I highly recommend you give it a shot. Great video though! keep up the good work.

    • Thanks, that site looks pretty cool. I’ll have to check it out some more. The GPS I usually borrow is a DeLorme, but one of these days I’ll have to invest in one of my own, possibly a Garmin. What model Garmin do you use? I’m assuming you’re pretty happy with it?

  2. It is an older Model eTrex, but It works great. And the maps I got from that site are so detailed. I am definitely happy with it, and If I remember correctly, When I got it, it was only about a $120. Saved my butt numerous times in the White Mountains. Before I found that website I was miserable though, because Garmins maps are so damn expensive, and they are very plain. I bought a rails and trails map for my area and it was literally one trail line… with no side trails. It was a great value at 40 bucks :/ haha

  3. Sintax77.
    With all of your hiking trips you have some great maps of your planned routes printed out. Where do you get these from? I have looked at several trail map sites that will provide maps with trails but not nearly as detailed as the ones you have. What is your secret man?

    Also, loved your Adirondack video and glad you finally made it into our neck of the woods (pun intended). Sorry about the weather. I was actually there the following week and went up the MacIntyres from the other side (Marcy Dam). Hope you give it a try again when the weather is better. Wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t since having to use a bear canister kinda blows that whole light weight/ultralight thing out the window. Try to kid myself that since it is carrying food its really not part of my base weight but hard to do when you see how much space that thing takes up.

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