Pocket Chainsaw Review – Lightweight Backpacking and Camping Saw

A Review of the Pocket Chainsaw – a Packable, Lightweight Backpacking or Camping Saw 

As discussed in the video this is not a brand specific review, but rather an overview and discussion on pocket chainsaws in general. There are many different manufacturers out there making camping and survival saws with this general design, so if this design meets your usage needs, it’s probably best to just find the best value one available to you. As you can see, it’s basically just a length of chainsaw blade with nylon handles attached at each end.Of course there are minor variables to keep in mind, such as specially designed blades, alternative handle shapes, and chain lengths.

The specific model seen in the video is a Chainmate 24-Inch Survival Pocket Chain Saw With Pouch style= (model CM-24SSP), but any brand with similar features should be just fine. It’s pretty much your standard pocket chainsaw in terms of quality and features, so I think it makes for an decent baseline for reviewing this type of saw.

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  1. Hey I like these saws handy at times I know what you are talking about with the strap handles if you make a larks head in the straps you can install a comfortable size branch and save a blister

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