SinChats – Favorite Backpacking Season?

Debating and discussing a classic question – what’s the best backpacking season? 

Fresh off a fun, hot, and humid trip to Kentucky’s Red River Gorge, I’m inspired by a nagging little question: what’s the best season for backpacking and camping? In this video I try to find my own opinion, but more importantly, what’s yours?

6 thoughts on “SinChats – Favorite Backpacking Season?

  1. I agree with you on fall, it not as hot ,cool nights and very little bug activity. And leaf peeping in the adirondacks is awsome. The water issue really depends on the rainfall for summer. We are doi g a canoe camping trip to the essex chain lakes in october, should be a good time.

  2. I would have to say fall is the best time to be in the woods but hiking at that time collides with archery season so I guess spring is the next best thing. Summer is good for backpacking with the wife so I don’t have to listen to her complain about being cold.

  3. Long before you said it I was yelling at the screen FALL is my favorite time of year period. I about messed myself when you said you guys were in the New Rive Gorge area this pass Labor Day weekend, so was I and about 10 scouts white water rafting. Great time for all. As a big fan of TrailKilla and yours I also bought a Dream Hammock, RoamingNome, and just got in my 0 degree HammockGear underquilt. Geat quality gear, thanks for introducing me to those brands. Looking forward to your next video. Thanks again.

  4. Love the fall though here in Canada is that the equivalent to your winter? Water is less of an issue here and the colours are amazing. Hate wet springs and deer flies. Something about the crispness of fall mornings . . .

  5. Floridian here. No season is enjoyable. Upper eastern states (North Carolina, Kentucky..etc) fall and winter. If the question was posed such as Sintax worded it and I had to choose, I think I would go with winter (once again, I’m sticking with upper middle eastern states, much father north and we are getting pretty darn cold). I very much enjoy my icicles, my winter fires, and my absence of bugs (the biggest selling point as far as I am concerned).

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