SinChats – Going Back to Sawyer Squeeze instead of Sawyer Mini?

A discussion on whether I or not I should go back to using the Sawyer Squeeze instead of the Sawyer Mini water filter. 

After some issues with reduced flow rate, occasional clogging, and an increased need for back-flushing, I’ve begun to wonder if I should return to using the original Sawyer PointONE Squeeze instead of my beloved Sawyer Mini filter. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “SinChats – Going Back to Sawyer Squeeze instead of Sawyer Mini?

  1. Had the same issue with my mini its the first trip out of the box. I flushed it at home and it cleared up nicely, we’ll see how it works this week on the Pemi Loop. I’m gonna give it one more shot.

  2. Sintax, I have been debating the same issue. I currently use the mini as a gravity filter with 2ft of hose above and below the filter. When it is clean, it will filter a liter in about 90 seconds. As it slows down over a trip, I simply invert the system to flush clean water back through to the dirty bag. But as you pointed out, it can be a PITA. I have been considering going back to the squeeze, but I don’t have the connectors yet to set it up as a gravity filter. Have you experimented with the squeeze as a gravity filter, and if so, how has the filter time compared with the mini? My initial thought is that it would be faster, and require less flushing. Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

    • As matter of fact, yes I have recently experimented with the Squeeze as a gravity system. Actually, I think I’ll do my SinChats video on that topic today. Just a quick update to add to the next video, but to make a long story short – it did indeed work quite nice. As you pointed out though, it did require some adapters.

      • cool. I’ll look forward to the video. btw, just got back from two days at Dolly Sods. covered 33 miles, but there is still so much to see! I think it’s going to be an annual trip. Have a good one!!

  3. Love the new SinChats…keep them going. I may have missed it but could you do a SinChat on your gravity setup with the Sawyer…components, why you picked certain ones, etc?

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