SinChats – My Camera Gear for Outdoor Videos

A look at my current, as well as past, camera gear choices for filming my hiking and backpacking videos. 

Gear Currently Used

Software Used – Adobe Creative Suite

  • Adobe Premiere Pro (primary software used for video editing)
  • Adobe SpeedGrade (for color grading and color matching of cameras)
  • Adobe Audition (for some audio cleanup work)
  • Adobe Photoshop (for YouTube thumbnails and some in video effects)
  • Adobe After Effects (rarely, but for occasional “heavier” visual effects)

2 thoughts on “SinChats – My Camera Gear for Outdoor Videos

  1. I too would like a chat about GPS. I have an Oregon 500 and it will not last a day out on the trail before th battery is depleted. Bought Eneloop NiMH batteries to last longer and same results. I wanted to record my route and post my routes similar to what you do here.

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