SinChats – Sara’s New Pack – The ULA Ohm 2.0

A look at Sara’s new hiking and backpacking pack, the ULA Ohm 2.0 

For this video, Sara gives us her thoughts on the ULA Ohm 2.0 after taking it out on her first trip with it in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge.  We also go how she came to finally pick the Ohm as her new pack and show off some of it’s features, specs and removable items.

Specs etc, as per ULA:

Volume Breakdown
Main Body: 2,100 cc
Front Mesh Pocket: 500 cc
Side Pocket: 400 cc each
Ext. Collar: 500 cc
Hipbelt Pockets: 100 cc

General Guidelines
Recommended Maximum Load: 30 lbs or less
Recommended Base Weight: 12 lbs or less

Pack Weight (Torso-M, Hipbelt-M)
32.5 oz (add about 2 oz for camo cordura version)
Weight includes all removable items, which is about 5 oz.

Total Volume
3,960 cu in (about 63 liters)

For more info visit ULA’s official website product page.

2 thoughts on “SinChats – Sara’s New Pack – The ULA Ohm 2.0

  1. I enjoy your post. Very informative and fun to watch. Has Sara tried out her new pack yet? My son and I are section hiking the AT in GA and have 31 miles to date (two day and half trips). I continuously try to lighten our loads after every trip. I have an Osprey Volt 60 and I took off the top pouch and minimized the contents in a ditty bag. The pack I believe comes in around 3lbs and not as light as a ULA pack. Trying to get my load out around 20-22 lbs opposed to 30. I tend to over prepare, but my mindset is changing after 31 miles.
    keep up the posts

    • Thanks, Rich. Sara hasn’t taken her pack out on a couple trips so far – one to Kentucky over the summer and one just last week to Virginia, both of which will be in future videos. She’s loving it so far! Not just the pack itself, which is awesome, but also just the benefits of her focus on packing in a weight conscious fashion. Enjoy the section hike. 20 lbs vs 30 lbs can feel like a world of difference. Especially when you’re on a stretch of trail where you have to load up hard on food / water. Then it really pays off.

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