SinChats – Thoughts on Hiking Poles?

A discussion on hiking poles / trekking poles for backpacking.

Hiking poles seen in the video:

  1. Black Diamond Ultra Mountain FL hiking poles ( 3 piece, folding, z-pole style)
  2. Swiss Gear Adjustable Hiking Poles

2 thoughts on “SinChats – Thoughts on Hiking Poles?

  1. I was wondering what you do with you shoes and pack while sleeping. Do you just lay them on the ground under your hammock? Tie the pack to a tree or something else entirely? I used to clip my shoes to my hennessy asym pull out, but now i use an uq so I don’t want my muddy or wet shoes touching my quilt. Now I lay them on the ground only because I haven’t thought of a better solution yet.

    • Yes, I typically lay them underneath my hammock, either lifted up on some flat rocks if available, or on my 3′ x 3′ piece of Tyvek that I carry with me. That seems to work pretty well for me. Unless it’s winter, or really dry, I usually avoid hanging it on a tree, since any rain might run down the trunk and soak it.

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