Snow Shovels for Winter Camping & Backpacking

Thoughts on Snow Shovels for Winter Camping & Winter Backpacking Trips.

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I’m not sure if they make the actual Camp brand snow shovel seen in this video anymore. That’s why I linked the other brand above which looks similar and appears to have solid reviews.  But I did find a new plastic version by Camp that weighs in at only 9 oz. I’m sure it’s not nearly as resilient though, as the blade is made of polypropylene, as opposed to a coated aluminum.


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  1. I was watching your Winter Hammock Camping in the Adirondacks and wondering what that device was that you used as a tracker so that you could click on it to alert someone that you were ok, and they would know where to find you? Without watching the whole thing again, I can’t find by scanning thru the video the part where you showed that device. I appreciate any info you can provide and I look forward to watching more videos.
    Randy M. Kansas City, MO

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