Two Hammocks, One Bug Net – Double Dutch and Birds Nest Bugnet Systems

Checking out two bugnet options for double hammock camping – The Bird’s Nest (for use with any two hammocks), and the Double Dutch Bugnet (for use with the Chameleon Hammock), both made by Dutchware Gear.

Both of these bugnet systems are designed specifically for use with double hammock, spreader bar systems.  i.e. Putting two hammocks on a single pair of trees for use with the same tarp. While I showed the Beetle buckle suspension (stock suspension that came with my Chameleon Hammock) for use with the spreader bar, there are several suspension options that would work with this setup as well (links below.

Gear Seen and Links for More Info

Two other suspension options (not shown) that would work with the spreader bar

Tarp mentioned in the video for use with the double hammock setups

Dream Hammock Darien – Ultralight Hammock Review

A review of the Darien Ultralight hammock, by Dream Hammock.

Model: Darien
Length: 10ft
Width: 60 inches
Layers: Single Layer
Outside Fabric & Color: 1.0 ACU Camo
Suspension: Cinch Buckle
Asym Lay: Right

Total Weight (including suspension and stuff sack): 17.5 ounces

Also available with whoopie sling suspension, double or single layer, and various color and weight fabrics, DWR, non-DWR, calendared finish, pure finish, rip-stop, taffeta, nylon, polyester, you name it. Just go check out the fabric page at already! 🙂
Link to my order stats and photo on Dream Hammock website: