Where Should I go? – Solo Winter Backpacking Trip

The Beginning Stages of Planning for my Solo Winter Backpacking Trip.

For part one of this series, I’ll be discussing my upcoming plans for a solo winter camping trip.  I’m currently in the very first stages of planning this trip.  In fact I haven’t even decided on the actual location yet!  Got any ideas?

I plan to do continued updates throughout the whole process of planning this winter hiking trip.  All the way from location selection, specific route planning, getting there, doing the actual trip, and whatever else may come up in between, so check back for updates!


13 thoughts on “Where Should I go? – Solo Winter Backpacking Trip

  1. Chuck keiper trail. Central PA. I also commeneed this on YouTube. The trail is Literally like a best kept secret in central pa. I’d you come up or have burger questions get in touch…

  2. Grayson Highlands has ponies that could be fun to film and see how they survive winter. A little National Geographic moment. Farther south the Smokies have elk.

    • It is an all round good hike. Fairly relaxing, ponies are a great bonus. Thought being a solo hike and plans for a tougher hike with Mike up coming, it might fit. Winter Elk would be nice, too.

  3. South Cumberland State Park in Southern Middle Tennessee . It features 55 miles of trails with waterfalls and mountain views.
    Fiery Grizzards Trail has been featured in Backpackers Magazine as one of the top 25 trails to hike in the U.S.

  4. Have you thought of doing the laurel highlands hiking trail here in PA? I’m doing again in June. It’s a 6 day trip for me but a few can do it in 4-5 days. Check out outdoor adventures YouTube. Jason (frozen) has a great channel and I watch a lot of his videos. He does the trip 2x, once in 5 days and once in 4. It’s a 70 mile hike and amazingly well maintained. It starts in Johnstown and ends in ohiopyle. Don’t know if it’s too long of a trip but can be done in section hiking. They have lean to shelters with fireplaces to stay in or hammock/tent camping sites. Not terrible high wind but they do get some good amount of snow.
    From western Pa, Mike

  5. On your solo look into the Appalachian trail in Connecticut, A.T. Cross Sages Ravine Brook, Sages Ravine. Great solo hike an not crazy climbs. Great ridge hike.Maybe tough for a loop. For the hike with friend, go to Maine. Look at Bigelows. The AT goes right over it. Great camps high up.Snow shoes a must.Wont see a lot of people.

  6. Hey sintax,

    Looking a intro backpack for my 11 yr old son. Preferably somewhat inexpensive. Also, what is a good basic gps to check out.


  7. Maybe you should try the Linville gorge again, and this time tell Mike to bring his shoes. I have backpacked from one end to the other and my wife and I got married on top of Hawksbill Mountain many years ago. The big Lost cove cliffs is another good spot as well as the little Lost Cove cliffs. You have some of the absolute best hiking videos on Youtube. Keep up the good work. NC is a good place to come to, but I’m sure you will have fun wherever you go.

    Greg (slowpoke)

  8. Have you thought about or looked into the triple crown hike in Roanoke,Va.?
    It’s great weekender, you hit 3 major sites…dragons tooth, tinker cliffs & of course mcafee knob. Plus it’s a short drive from Dela…Where. (Bad joke I’m sure you’ve heard a million times)


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