Facebook Live Event with Katadyn – Winter Camping Discussion – ‘Survival of the Chillest’

A cross-post of my Live Event on Katadyn USA’s Facebook page discussing my recent Winter Snow Camping trip, & a general discussion Q&A on winter Backpacking Gear, Clothing, Food and personal experiences.

Link to original ‘Survival of the Chillest’ Live Event Post (Main Video)
Link to original ‘Survival of the Chillest’ Live Event Post (BeFree Filter Winner Announcement)

Winter Camping Gear Seen / Discussed

2017 Sintax77 YouTube Channel Update

A quick discussion of what’s to come on the Sintax77 channel as we begin the new year. 

First things first, some winter backpacking trips are in order! I’m still in the planning phase, but I should be doing two or more this season. Actually, we’ll dive a little deeper into that on the next video, so stay tuned!

Also discussed are some travelling & hiking trips that I’ve already completed slashed filmed, that will be released in the near future. Oh, yeah and I got another spiffy new backpack, but enough of this reading stuff – it’s all in the video!

Backpacking During Hunting Season?! – SinChats

My thoughts on backpacking, hiking and camping during hunting season.

For this video I’ll discuss my experiences, thoughts and opinions on fall backpacking during hunting season.  Fall is one of my favorite times to hike and camp, and it also just happens to be hunting season in many parts of the country.  I just so happen to both hunt and backpack, so I figured I’d take to opportunity to share my thoughts on, from the perspectives of both a hunter and a minimalist backpacker.

Many of my thoughts on the topic are general in nature, but as I touch on in the video, I’m sure that experiences can vary a bit from region to region, so please feel free to share your own stories and thoughts on backpacking during hunting season in the comments section.

SinChats – What’s Your Backpacking Style? Mileage Killer or Camp Chiller?

What’s your Backpacking & Hiking Style?  Do you like to hike hard & pump out the miles, or do you prefer to spend spend more time at camp, or taking breaks at vistas?  Join in the discussion on this edition of SinChats.


SinChats – Do You Use a Water Bladder for Backpacking?

Here’s a question I get every so often: Do you still use your water bladder for backpacking and if not, why? Let’s weigh the pro’s and cons in this video discussion.

The water bladder seen in the video is an Osprey 2L HydraForm Reservoir – 70 fl. oz, similar to a Camelbak bladder, but with a bit more rigid design allowing it to maintain the same shape regardless of water level.


From looking online, it seems like the Hydraform model is no longer in production. The Osprey Hydraulics LT Reservoir – 2.5 Liter seems to be the next incarnation by Osprey.

Spring Cabin Video out now on Whiterook85 & New Hiking Video this Sunday 6pm!

Just a quick channel update.

The new 2016 Spring ‘Go Time Camp’ Cabin Trip video is up now on the Whiterook85 channel and a new feature length hiking video with Sara and I testing the Amok Draumr 3.0 hammock on a section on the Appalachian Trail will be live this Sunday, May 15th at 6 PM EDT.

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