Katadyn BeFree Upgrade! – Larger Water Bag & Gravity Filter System

Using the Katadyn BeFree Water Filter with a HydraPak Seeker 2L Reservoir and Gravity Filter Tubing Setup.

After my previous review of the Katadyn BeFree water filter, I discovered and acquired a compatible water reservoir bag that would increase my filtering capacity to 2L – the HydraPak Seeker collapsible water bottle (also available in a 3 liter version).  The main challenge with the BeFree filter is finding a water bottle or reservoir with wide mouth 42mm threads, which the HyrdaPak has.

In the video I go over my thoughts and experiences using the Katadyn BeFree in conjunction with the HydraPak Seeker 2L and Sawyer Squeeze 64 oz Pouch as part of a gravity water filter system, as well as a stand alone squeeze style system using just the HydraPak Seeker and BeFree.

System Components Seen in the Video

Katadyn Befree Water Filter With Hydrapak 0.6L Collapsible Flask
Hydrapak Seeker 2L Water Storage Bag, Mammoth Grey (for dirty water)
Sawyer Inline Adapters for Screw On Filters
1/4″ Food Grade Plastic Tubing
Sawyer Squeeze Bag – 64 oz Pouch (for clean water)

Katadyn BeFree Water Filter Review

My thoughts & review of the Katadyn BeFree Collapsible Water Filter Bottle – 0.6 Liter for Backpacking & Camping

The Katadyn BeFree is a backpacking water filter with a very small footprint and low overall weight.  In this video I’ll cover all of the bases from the initial unboxing, to specific features, individual item weights, test usage out in the field, pros and cons based on individual backpacking styles, as well as some thoughts of future improvements for the system.

Specs and Features as per the Manufacturer

  • Dimensions (in) 9.05
  • Diameter (in) 2.73 ∅
  • Output (gal) 2.11 quart/min
  • Technology Hollow fiber filter 0.1 micron
  • Weight (kg) (oz) 2.05
  • 0.1 micron water filter removes harmful organisms like bacteria 99.9999% and protozoa like Giardia & Cryptosporidium 99.9%, surpassing EPA standards
  • Collapsible 0.6L hydrapak soft bottle flask packs down small to fit in tight spaces (pant or jacket pockets, purses, cycling jerseys, fly vests.
  • Ez-clean Membrane is simple and easy to clean by simply shaking or swishing the filter to clean debris, no backflushing or extra tools required
  • Filters up to 1,000 liters of contaminated water without using chemicals or other devices and • hydrate quickly and easily with the free flow channels fast flow rate
  • Stay clean drink nozzle keeps the mouthpiece clean and sanitary (replaceable with standard plastic water bottle caps)

Update: After further research, it looks like there may indeed be a third party bag that works with the wide mouth threads on the BeFree filter cartridge.  It looks promising, but I have not been able to personally test it’s compatibility.  It’s called the Hydrapak Seeker 2L Water Storage Bag


Affordable Water Filter for the Apocalypse or Backpacking – Etekcity Survival Purifier

A review of the Etekcity Water Filter for backpacking, camping, or urban survival. 

The Etekcity Personal Water Purifier is a complete system containing all the components needed to start filtering clean drinking water.  A small backflushing syringe is included as well for periodic maintenance of the water filter.  In this video I’ll go over the specifications, operation, and maintenance routine for the filter.

It has a three stage filtration system (pre-filter, activated carbon filter, and hollow fiber UF membrane) making it worth a look for anyone in the market for an inexpensive urban survival filter to keep on hand or tucked in their bug out bag.  For traditional backpackers and campers, such as myself, it’s small size and light weight make it an interesting option for part of an ultralight backpacking load-out.

As seen in the video, it can be used by attaching to the included dirty water bag and squeezed into the water storage option of your choice, or you drink directly out of the water source.  This ccan be achieved by either dipping the end of the filter directly into the water, or by using the included length of 1/4″ tubing to get a bit for reach.  Speaking of the tubing though, it should be pointed out that the filter only has a 1/4″ nipple on the dirty water side.  There isn’t a hookup on the clean side, so if you’re looking to use this filter in a gravity filter configuration, that’s something to keep in mind.

I also found that the threads match up great with Smart Water bottles, so they can be used as a dirty water reservoir as well.  If you’re using other brands, make sure to check the threads for match before heading out, as the other brand of water bottle I tested it with did not properly screw onto the filter body.

One thing that remains to be seen is how often the filter needs to be backflushed after continued use out in the field.  This is the main reason I switched from the Sawyer Mini back to the original Sawyer Squeeze.  Only time will tell if the Etekcity filter  will suffer the same fate, but the flow rates during initial testing have been quite nice, and sucking water through it while using it like a straw was very easy.

Features and Specs, as per the manufacturer:

  • SAFETY TESTED: This water purifier has been tasted by the TÜV SÜD Institute and the sleeve of the water filter complies with FDA Food Contact test in accordance with 21 CFR 180.22 to ensure maximum quality and safety.
  • HOLLOW FIBER UF MEMBRANE and antibacterial carbon filter cleans to 0.01 Microns, eliminating 99.9999% of colibacillus, legionella, heavy metal ions, chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOC), organic and insect contaminant.
  • FILTER MORE: This filter will provide up to 1500 liters or almost 400 gallons of safe drinking water.
  • HYDRATION RESERVOIR COMPATIBLE: attach the Etekcity Personal Water Purifier to most hydration reservoirs for increased water carrying capacity and convenience.
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: A foldable water pouch, extension tube, pre-filter, and backwash device are all included at no extra cost. Carry water with you, reach further to get water without strain or danger, get extra filtration, and keep the filter clean and clog-free.

SinChats – Sawyer Squeeze Update – Switching from the Mini

An update on my recent switch from the Sawyer Mini back to the Sawyer Squeeze water filter system.

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SinChats – Going Back to Sawyer Squeeze instead of Sawyer Mini?

A discussion on whether I or not I should go back to using the Sawyer Squeeze instead of the Sawyer Mini water filter. 

After some issues with reduced flow rate, occasional clogging, and an increased need for back-flushing, I’ve begun to wonder if I should return to using the original Sawyer PointONE Squeeze instead of my beloved Sawyer Mini filter. What do you think?