Tips & Gear for a Mt Washington Winter Ascent | Severe Weather Hiking

Tips, Gear Used, & Things I Could Have Done Differently while Climbing Mt Washington in Winter.

Primary Winter Ascent Gear Shown

My Preferred map for Mt Washington Hikes: AMC Map: Presidential Range: White Mountains Trail Map

 Other Gear Seen / Discussed

Opening Music: Beethoven – Coriolan Overture, Op. 62, 1807

Stock Footage: Various Public Domain pieces from the U.S. War Department, circa WWII.

2 thoughts on “Tips & Gear for a Mt Washington Winter Ascent | Severe Weather Hiking

  1. Great video. Thanks for emphasizing wind chill. Too many people focus only on temp when wind can make things dangerous. Stay dry, stay warm, stay safe.

  2. I’ve been working on a 3-5 day backpacking trip for my Spring Break in mid-March and really appreciated this video as I plan. Having watched your Mt Washington video when it came out a trip of that nature is what I had in mind, but in doing weather research it seems like the only certainty in March in the North East is that it will be a mess. Do you have any suggestions? I live in Columbus, OH and would like to stay in New England in order to visit friends who recently moved there, but if there’s no sure snowshoeing I may try my luck out West.

    Sorry for the long winded reply, I’ve been watching/subbed for several years and look forward to your future videos!

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