Olight S1 Mini Baton – My Go-to Flashlight for Ultralight Backpacking

A Review of the Olight S1 Mini Baton USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight.

This is currently my go-to flashlight for backpacking and camping trips due to it’s low-weight, 600 lumen capability when needed, and ultra-long run-time in moon light mode for tent and hammock lighting. I also find it to be a handy work project and EDC light (every day carry).

Links for full Manufacturer’s Specs, Features, etc

Specs and Features, as per Manufacturer

  • General Data
    • Beam Distance (ft) 427
    • Beam Distance (m) 130
    • Max. Performance (lumens) 600
    • Charge type Micro-USB
    • Compatible Batteries 1 x CR123A/RCR123A
    • Light Intensity (candela) 4200
    • Light Form:  Wide/broad hotspot. Perfect for up close illumination.
    • Lens / Reflector Type TIR reflector (big, defined wide hotspot)
    • Series Series S (EDC, General Use)
    • Available color temperature: Regular – cool white 6500k, 70 CRI (seen in review) or HCRI model -cool white 5500k, 90 CRI
    • HCRI version built for perfect color reproduction with illuminating objects eliminating all unwanted extra tints.
    • No charger is needed for charging the battery. The included battery is rechargeable through a built-in Micro-USB port, therefore it may share the same charging cable with a phone.
    • Magnetic tailcap. The flashlight attaches securely to any ferrous metal surface for hands free use.
  • Lighting Levels (for regular 6500k model)
    • Turbo – 600 lumens, 1 minute bursts
    • High – 330 lumens, 60 mins
    • Medium – 60 lumens, 6 hours
    • Low – 15 lumens, 30 hours
    • Moon – 0.5 lumens, 15 days
  • Other Modes
    • Strobe
    • Auto shutoff timer, 3 mins or 9 mins
  • Technical Characteristics
    • Waterproof IPX8
    • Weight (g / oz) 43 / 1.52
    • Length (mm / in) 54 / 2.13
    • Head Diameter (mm / in) 21 / 0.83
    • Body Diameter (mm / in) 21 / 0.83
    • Led Cree XM-L2
  • Package Contents
    • 650mAh RCR123A Rechargeble Battery with microUSB charging port
    • 50cm charging cable USB-microUSB
    • Pocket Clip
    • Lanyard
    • Instruction Manual



Mail Call – Sleeping Bags, Knives & Spam

Tips, tricks and discussion on various Backpacking, Hiking & Camping topics.

Topics Discussed / Gear Seen

    • Don’t want letters read on Mail Call? No problem, just write “not for video” on the back of the envelope.  🙂
    • Some stickers from Larry at Mobiltec Camper Restoration 
    • The time that Mike and I drove 30 hours to the Colorado Rockies.
    • I should go backpacking in Michigan.
    • My next solo backpacking trip.
    • Vicarious backpacking.
    • Utah Backpacking in Canyonlands National Park.
    • I need to camp in the desert again!
    • Sleeping sideways in a hammock.
    • We’re going back to Colorado for a backpacking / camping trip.
    • Midson likes Mail Call.
    • My recent Facebook Live event on Katadyn’s FB Page.

  • Potential Monthly Podcast on YouTube Live?
  • Jolly Hiker Awards me a the ‘Jolly Hiker 2018 Hiker Prize’.
  • A fresh new pocket knife from Bear & Son Cutlery http://bearandsoncutlery.com/
  • Carol can’t get past voodoo dolls. https://karmakeepers.net/
  • My new matching right & left sleeping bags from Animato.
  • Sleeping Pads and Sleeping Bags
  • My Coleman Folding Saw finally broke.
  • Gomboy Silky saws seem to be highly recommended as a camping saw.
  • HydraPak water bags causing taste issues with the Katadyn BeFree water filter?
  • Catch All Sleeve as an alternative to the Dutchware Winter Sock?
  • Spam, Spam, Spam.  🙂
  • Spam + Hiking = Awesome
  • I never knew there were so many different versions of Spam – Chorizo Spam, Jalepeno Spam, and Tocino Spam, and Cheese Spam, oh my!
  • Hiking with your dog.
  • My viewers are amazing.
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Winter Hammock Camping on the Appalachian Trail – Port Clinton, PA

Come along for 2 days of Winter Hammock Camping, Backpacking, & Camp cooking as we hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail near Port Clinton, PA. 

For this winter camping adventure, I’ll be taking advantage of a couple of free days by heading up to Port Clinton, Pennsylvania for a spur of the moment solo backpacking trip.  Along the way, we’ll see some sections of the Appalachian Trail that PA has to offer, go over my winter backpacking gear, setup a winter hammock camping rig, build a campfire, and do a a decent amount of camp cooking on my trusty, old-school canister stove.

Trailhead Parking

  • Appalachian Trailhead, Port Clinton, Pennsylvania, Rt 61
    Note: Parking at the actual trailhead is no longer allowed / possible.  I parked in the town of Port Clinton near the Fire Station and proceeded down Penn St to the dead end.  This small detour allows you to hike directly under the highway bridge and link up with the Appalachian Trail on the other side.

GPS Data for this trip is available on the Trip Data Page, or by using this link for direct download: Port Clinton Winter Hammock Camping 2018 GPS Data – Sintax77

This was a relatively simple ‘in and out’ hike with a total one way distance of just under 3 miles and an elevation gain of 1,284′.

Port Clinton Winter Hammock Camping Elevation Profile for Hike In – Sintax77

Notable Gear Used / Seen on this Backpacking Trip:
For a more detailed account, check out my full Winter Ultralight Backpacking Gear List Blog Post / Video.

Backpack – ULA Ohm 2.0
Pack Cover – Dutchware Argon

GPS Unit – Garmin Oregon 650

Cooking & Eating Utensils

Spork, Plastic – Sea to Summit
Stove – MSR Rapidfire

Hammock System
Hammock Body – Dutchware Chameleon
Hammock Sock – Dutchware Winter Vented Sock with Optional Zipper
Hammock Suspension – Dutchware Polyester Tree Straps with Titanium Cinch Buckles

Sleep System
Under Quilt – Hammock Gear Incubator 20
Top Quilt – HG Burrow 20

Tarp – Hammock Gear Cuben Hex Tarp
Ground Cloth – Tyvek, long
Tent spike – Titanium

Water Treatment & Storage
Water Filter – Sawyer Micro (came with my Sawyer S3 system)
Dirty Water Bag – CNOC Outdoors 2L Vecto Water Container Bag
Water Bottle – 40 Below 1 Liter Bottle w/ Bottle Boot

Light Sources
Flashlight / Clip-on Headlamp – Olight S1 Mini Baton

First Aid & SOS Messenger
Spot Messenger

Mid Layer – Surplus Military Fleece
US Army Gen III Extreme Cold Weather Trousers
Gloves – Sealskinz Water Proof Ultra Grip Gloves
Boots, Winter High Top Garmont GTX
Face mask / neck gaiter by Seirus Innovation

Alite Mayfly Chair 

Facebook Live Event with Katadyn – Winter Camping Discussion – ‘Survival of the Chillest’

A cross-post of my Live Event on Katadyn USA’s Facebook page discussing my recent Winter Snow Camping trip, & a general discussion Q&A on winter Backpacking Gear, Clothing, Food and personal experiences.

Link to original ‘Survival of the Chillest’ Live Event Post (Main Video)
Link to original ‘Survival of the Chillest’ Live Event Post (BeFree Filter Winner Announcement)

Winter Camping Gear Seen / Discussed

Mail Call – Camping Stove Types & Fuel Options, Mid Layers for Winter, Where’s Sara?!

In this episode, we go deep on the subject of Camping & Backpacking Stoves. Stove Models, Fuel Types, Winds Screens and more with a heavy emphasis on Cold Weather Winter Camping Stoves as well. http://www.sintax77.com

Topics Discussed / Gear Seen

  • Facebook Live Event! hang out with me live on Katadyn’s FB Page – Thursday 2/15/17 at 1pm
  • One solo winter backpacking trip down (PA Appalachian Trail), one to go (White Mountains snow camping).
  • Am I coming back to the southwest for some desert camping?
  • Mid layer clothing for winter backpacking.
  • Military Surplus Micro Fleece Jackets
  • Packable down jackets (down jacket seen – Montbell UL Down Parka)
  • Camping Stove Choices for 3-season and Winter Backpacking, colder temps etc.
  • Camping Stove fuel choices.
  • My new stove – Optimus Polaris Optifuel
  • Where’s Sara?!

Links for staying updated on the Facebook Live Event

Sintax77 on Twitter
Sintax77 on Facebook

Mail Call – Angry Bushcrafters, Drip-lines, Chameleon Sidecar, UL Flashlight, Novice Camping

Tips, tricks and discussion on various Backpacking, Hiking & Camping topics.

Topics Discussed / Gear Seen

  • Sleeping Pads for Winter Camping? (I double up two summer ones)
  • Big Agnes Q-Core SL Sleeping Pad (inflatable)  I used it on the ground at -25F by itself.  …not a great idea. I had a pretty cold butt, but I lived 🙂
  • Therm-A-Rest Z-Lite Sleeping Pad (foam) I’ll be stacking this with the Q-Core on my upcoming New Hampshire winter trip.
  • How to get started with your first overnight backpacking / camping trip.
  • “Mickey Mouse Boots” – military surplus boots for extreme cold weather and snow.
  • Bushcraft is cool, but like many niche hobbies, it can cultivate some arrogant attitudes. Emphasis on some, but it’s out there. And no, I’m not even necessarily talking about Joshua’s comment. His was relatively mild but a good segue for discussion.
  • Fires starting / campfires on camping trips.
  • Survival skills (great to have) vs just having fun in the woods (great to have as well).
  • Winter sled camping is a ton of fun.