Tips & Gear for aking your Dog Backpacking Hiking & Camping

Tips, Gear & our Experiences with getting a puppy / Dog into Backpacking, Hiking & Camping.

Topics Discussed

  • Dog training for trips, daily walks as a puppy etc.
  • Age to start hiking with a dog?
  • Trip planning and strategies your dog’s first backpacking trip.
  • Differences in trail selection, water sources, etc.
  • Hiking dog food – nutrition, packing options, need for increased consumption.
  • Usage of dog backpacks for hiking.
  • Sleeping arrangements, leashes and leads for around camp and on the trail.
  • Some discussion on each of our dog’s camping trips so far.
  • Items that we bring for our dog camping trips (see below)

Dog Backpacking Gear / Items Seen

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