Spring Cabin Video out now on Whiterook85 & New Hiking Video this Sunday 6pm!

Just a quick channel update.

The new 2016 Spring ‘Go Time Camp’ Cabin Trip video is up now on the Whiterook85 channel and a new feature length hiking video with Sara and I testing the Amok Draumr 3.0 hammock on a section on the Appalachian Trail will be live this Sunday, May 15th at 6 PM EDT.

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SinChats – Favorite Backpacking Season?

Debating and discussing a classic question – what’s the best backpacking season? 

Fresh off a fun, hot, and humid trip to Kentucky’s Red River Gorge, I’m inspired by a nagging little question: what’s the best season for backpacking and camping? In this video I try to find my own opinion, but more importantly, what’s yours?

SinChats – An Epic Summer Winds Down (But where are the vids?!)

An awesome summer comes to an end… Let the videos begin! 

A look back at the awesome hiking, backpacking, canoe camping, hammock camping and music festivals that the summer of 2015 has brought, and the fun videos that are soon to come. Stay tuned and thanks for hanging in there with the Sintax77 channel! 🙂

SinChats – My Camera Gear for Outdoor Videos

A look at my current, as well as past, camera gear choices for filming my hiking and backpacking videos. 

Gear Currently Used

Software Used – Adobe Creative Suite

  • Adobe Premiere Pro (primary software used for video editing)
  • Adobe SpeedGrade (for color grading and color matching of cameras)
  • Adobe Audition (for some audio cleanup work)
  • Adobe Photoshop (for YouTube thumbnails and some in video effects)
  • Adobe After Effects (rarely, but for occasional “heavier” visual effects)

SinChats – Sawyer Squeeze Update – Switching from the Mini

An update on my recent switch from the Sawyer Mini back to the Sawyer Squeeze water filter system.

Prior videos on this subject
SinChats – Going Back to Sawyer Squeeze instead of Sawyer Mini?
Sawyer Mini Vs Saywer Squeeze Water Filter System

SinChats – Disaster! Backpacking Mistakes & Bad Experiences

For this episode, I share some stories of backpacking mistakes & less than savory experiences.

Feature Length videos mentioned in this episode

When Sub-Zero Camping Goes Wrong – Winter Backpacking in the White Mountains
Hammock Camping the Linville Gorge – 4 Day Backpacking Trip
Hiking Red River Gorge – Kentucky Backpacking in Fall
Winter Hammock Camping in the Adirondacks
Mt Washington Winter Ascent – Backpacking in Huntington Ravine